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CU Buffs’ sprinters dominate second day at Potts Invitational

The Colorado track and field sprints crew had an explosive start to its season on Saturday at the Potts Invitational with three marks in the CU top-10 records.

The team took out marks in the men’s and women’s 200-meter dash as well as adding one in the men’s 60-meter dash. Sophomore Luc Andrada, a transfer from BYU without a single day of practice with the CU team, started things out finishing second in the men’s 60-meter dash in 6.78. His mark ties him with 10th in the CU top-10 lists with Ben Kelly and is only the second entry in the 60-meter dash in the past eight seasons.

Moving to the 200s, true freshman Emma Pollak had a stellar debut to her CU career by placing second in 24.06 seconds. In her first collegiate race, she surpassed eight former athletes to move to third all-time, trailing only the top two sprinters in CU history Amaris Buchanan and Ana Holland who sit 1-2 in both the 60-meter dash and 200 indoors. Pollak’s time was fast enough to rank her seventh on the CU outdoor list.

Senior Aaron McCoy followed suit by winning the men’s 200-meter dash in the second-to-last heat in 21.33 seconds from the inside lane. His time is good for fifth in CU history behind former teammate Duane McClurkin Jr. and was a personal best by nearly half a second.

The crew also took the title in the women’s 400 from walk-on true freshman Grace Jenkins in her collegiate debut. She won the event in 56.38 seconds, just six-hundredths of a second from becoming the 10th-best performer in CU history in the event.

Both women ran on a three-leg 4×400-meter relay where Pollak split out an outstanding split at 53.26 seconds, one of the fastest unofficial splits in CU history behind only school record holder Gabby Scott.

The men’s squad also ran a solid 4×4 to end the day with Nick Nuhfer, McCoy, Tyler Williams and Andrada winning in 3:15.48, two seconds ahead of the team from Air Force. McCoy led with an unofficial split of 47.28 while Williams went under 48.5 and Andrada was under 49.5.


Men’s Mile: 1. Tom Oates (CSU) 4:10.88; 2. Jace Aschbrenner (COLO) 4:12.21; 10. Caleb Niednagel (COLO) 4:16.82; 23. Jake Derouin (COLO) 4:22.43

Men’s 60 Hurdles: 1. Liam Mather (CSU) 8.04; 12. John Swabik (COLO) 8.80; 17. Nick Bianco (COLO) 9.29

Men’s 60: 1. Coby Hilton (UNAT) 6.63; 2. Luc Andrada (COLO) 6.78; 18. Aidan Christiansen (COLO) 7.27

Men’s 400: 1. Ryan O’Neal (UCCS) 49.01; 5. Nick Nuhfer (COLO) 50.09; 7. John Swabik (COLO) 51.77

Men’s 800: 1. Joseph Rogers (WYO) 1:53.54; 2. Ryan Lindrud (COLO) 1:54.31

Men’s 200: 1. Aaron McCoy (COLO) 21.33; 11. Tyler Williams (COLO) 22.18

Men’s 3,000: 1. Evan Verbal (UNAT) 8:18.34

Men’s 4×400: 1. Colorado 3:15.48 (Nuhfer, McCoy, Williams, Andrada)

Women’s Mile: 1. Carmen Graves (UNAT) 4:54.81; 3. Gabrielle Orie (COLO) 4:57.41; 14. Kyla Christopher-Moody (COLO) 5:10.96; 17. Anna Shults (COLO) 5:17.20; 21. Rylee Robinson (COLO) 5:22.89

Women’s 60 Hurdles: 1. Missy Moreni (UCCS) 8.78; 2. Jada Green (COLO) 8.85; 4. Reese Renz (COLO) 9.00; 5. Elise Gillett (COLO) 9.08

Women’s 60: 1. Janyah Jasper (CSU) 7.51; 8. Kaleah Ruff (COLO) 7.91

Women’s 400: 1. Grace Jenkins (COLO) 56.38

Women’s 800: 1. Kate Hedlund (UCCS) 2:17.04

Women’s 200: 1. Lauren Gale (CSU) 23.52; 2. Emma Pollak (COLO) 24.06; 7. Jada Green (COLO) 25.28

Women’s 3,000: 1. Carmen Graves (UNAT) 9:51.69; 13. Karina Andersen (COLO) 10:30.59; 14. Joelle McDonald (COLO) 10:35.11; 17. Bailey Nock (COLO) 10:51.47; 19. Camille Jackson (COLO) 11:01.29

Women’s 4×400: 1. Air Force 3:58.38

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