The University of Colorado athletic department placed 95 student-athletes on the Pac-12 Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll, the conference announced Thursday.

CU’s honorees hailed from men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s track and field, skiing, lacrosse and tennis. The lacrosse team placed 27 student-athletes on the team, while the women’s track and field and ski teams each had 19. The men’s track and field team recorded 12 honorees and was followed by women’s golf (seven), men’s golf (six) and tennis (five).

A total of 1,996 student-athletes were recognized for their work in the classroom and were named to the Pac-12 Conference’s 2021 Spring Academic Honor Roll. Any student-athlete on their respective team roster with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3-or-above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible for the distinction.

The 2021 Spring Academic Honor Roll includes 1,655 student-athletes who participated in the Conference-sponsored sports of baseball, beach volleyball, men’s & women’s golf, women’s lacrosse, men’s & women’s rowing, softball, men’s & women’s tennis, and men’s & women’s outdoor track & field.

As approved by the Conference’s Faculty Athletics Representatives, any student-athlete competing in an NCAA-sponsored or emerging sport at a Pac-12 institution, regardless of league sponsorship, is now eligible for Academic Honor Roll recognition. These 341 newly eligible student-athletes in the sports of acrobatics & tumbling, fencing, field hockey, men’s gymnastics, men’s ice hockey, men’s & women’s indoor track & field, men’s lacrosse, skiing, triathlon, men’s volleyball, and men’s & women’s water polo.

Below is a list of CU’s 2020-21 Pac-12 Spring Academic Honor Roll recipients.

Men’s golf: Victor Bjorlow, Finance; Christopher Bornhorst, Real Estate; Ross Macdonald, Strategic Communication; Jacob Mason, Elementary Education; Kristoffer Max, Accounting; John Paterson, Accounting

Women’s golf: Malak Bouraeda, Strategic Communication; Ellie Gower, Arts & Sciences Open Option; Alisha Lau, Strategic Communication; Elle Otten, Accounting; Hailey Schalk, Open Option; Issy Simpson, Neuroscience; Kelsey Webster, Psychology

Lacrosse: Devon Bayer, History; Kasey Braun, Environmental Studies; Katherine Burnside, Strategic Communication; Eliza Cahill, Finance; Anna Collawn, Communication; Grace Donnell, Communication; Carley Farella, Integrative Physiology; Molly Galloway, Finance; Sadie Grozier, Marketing; Katie Haley, Art Practices; Bailey Hawkins, Psychology; Jordan Johnson, Integrative Physiology; Zoe Lawless, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Zoe McElhaney, Open Option; Mack Moore, Integrative Physiology; Katherine O’Connor, Sociology; Maddi Ota, Integrative Physiology; Elizabeth Phillips, Integrative Physiology; Madeline Pisani, Integrative Physiology; Sabrina Robbins, Finance; Charlie Rudy, Strategic Communication; Taylor Smith, Business; Ashley Stokes, Business; Karly van Leer, Strategic Communication; Kate White, Master’s of Science in Finance; Aine Williams, Political Science; Sydney Zimmerman, Engineering

Skiing: Magnus Boee, Civil Engineering; Louis Fausa, Finance; Oyvind Haugan, Exploratory Studies; Ryan Jackson, Geography; Sky Kelsey, Political Science; Will Koch, Psychology; Bobby Ryan, Finance; Chase Seymour, Finance; Joey Young, Accounting; Anna-Maria Dietze, Physics; Bridget Donovan, Psychology; Ivy Eski, Integrative Physiology; Isabelle Fidjeland, Strategic Communication Design (Master’s); Katie Fleckenstein, Psychology; Stef Fleckenstein, Communication; Olivia Gerrard, Finance; Emma Hammergaard, Psychology; Kaitlyn Harsch, Finance; Quinn Lehmkuhl, Integrative Physiology

Tennis: Antonia Balzert, Marketing; Ky Ecton, Mechanical Engineering; Tallulah Farrow, Anthropology; Megan Forster, Psychology; Sara Nayar, Environmental Studies

Men’s track: Hunter Appleton, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Philip Charles, Aerospace Engineering Sciences; Christopher Craig, Master’s in Applied Mathematics; Ryan Ganson, Master’s in Organizational Leadership; Noah Hibbard, Integrative Physiology; Garrett Nelson, Electrical Engineering; Caleb Penner, Master’s in Applied Mathematics; Wyatt Rhoads, Master’s in Organizational Leadership; Ronald Sayles, Master’s in Telecommunications; Kendal Smith, Creative Technology and Design; Paxton Smith, Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice (Master’s); Joshua Torres, Integrative Physiology

Women’s track: Tamia Badal, Integrative Physiology; Kaitlyn Barthell, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Carley Bennett, Accounting; Madison Boreman, Psychology; Olivia Brooks, Accounting; Cheyenne Cheshier, Psychology; Kyla Christopher-Moody, Anthropology; Elizabeth Constien, Cinema Studies; Samantha Crosmer, Strategic Communication; Abigail Glynn, Psychology; Eriana Henderson, Master’s in Supply Chain Management; Annie Hill, Integrative Physiology; Sage Hurta, Chemical & Biological Engr; Rachel McArthur, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences; Bailey Nock, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Anna Shults, Strategic Communication; Emily Venters, Integrative Physiology; Valerie Welch, Mechanical Engineering; Lauren Whyrick, Elementary Education