CU Buffs football roster overview

A look at the projected 2021 roster for the Colorado football team

Dimitri Stanley tries to escape Jonathan ...
Dimitri Stanley tries to escape Jonathan Van Diest during the University of Colorado Football Spring Showcase on April 30, 2021.

Summer workouts are underway for the Colorado football team and fall camp is around the corner.

With only about six weeks to go before preseason practices get started, the Buffaloes have their roster set, for the most part. Although there could still be some player movement between now and August, CU has a roster lined up for the fall, and it will feature quite a few new faces.

Of the 87 players on scholarship this season, 24 were not with the Buffs last season. There will also be nearly 20 new walk-ons.

Since last season, CU has added a lot of talent from the high school ranks, but also through the transfer portal. The Buffs have added potential starters at quarterback (JT Shrout), offensive line (Noah Fenske and Max Wray), linebacker (Robert Barnes and Jack Lamb) and defensive end (Blayne Toll) through the portal.

“I like the additions we’ve had in the transfer portal,” said offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini, who has seen the roster evolve during his six years with the program. “I think you really have to look at it and see, ‘Does that player upgrade you in that specific room?’ I really believe we’ve done a good job of that.

“You have to have competition to make the room better, and you have to have competition throughout the roster to make your team better. I think we’re doing that.”

In the fall, the Buffs expect intense competition at all positions. At most spots, there will be several candidates competing. With preseason camp quickly approaching, here’s a look at the projected roster for next season:


Scholarship (3): JT Shrout, So.; Brendon Lewis, Fr.; Drew Carter, Fr.

Walk-ons (2): Grand Ciccarone, R-Fr.; Jordan Woolverton, Fr.

Running backs

Scholarship (6): Alex Fontenot, Jr.; Jarek Broussard, So.; Joe Davis, So.; Deion Smith, So.; Ashaad Clayton, Fr.; Jayle Stacks, Fr.

Walk-ons (2): Charlie Offerdahl, Fr.; Noah Wagner, Fr.


Scholarship (11): Daniel Arias, Jr.; Maurice Bell, Jr.; Jaylon Jackson, Jr.; Dimitri Stanley, So.; Vontae Shenault, R-Fr.; Chris Carpenter, Fr.; Montana Lemonious-Craig, Fr.; Keith Miller III, Fr.; Brenden Rice, Fr.; Chase Penry, Fr.; Ty Robinson, Fr.

Walk-ons (6): Michael Byrd Jr., Jr.; Jake Groth, Sol; Ben Finneseth, Fr.; Cameron George, Fr.; Michael Harrison, Fr.; Jack Hestera, Fr.

Tight ends

Scholarship (8): Matt Lynch, Sr.; Jared Poplawski, Jr.; Brady Russell, Jr.; Alec Pell, R-Fr.; Caleb Fauria, Fr.; Louis Passarello, Fr.; Erik Olsen, Fr.; Austin Smith, Fr.

Walk-ons (3): Nico Magri, Jr.; CJ Schmanski, So.; Kanaan Turnbull, So.

Offensive linemen

Scholarship (15): Kary Kutsch, Sr.; Chance Lytle, Jr.; Colby Pursell, Jr.; Frank Fillip, So.; Josh Jynes, So.; Kanan Ray, So.; Casey Roddick, So.; Max Wray, So.; Noah Fenske, Fr.; Austin Johnson, R-Fr.; Jake Wiley, R-Fr.; Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, Fr.; Carson Lee, Fr.; Edgar Amaya, Fr.; Jackson Anderson, Fr.

Walk-ons (5): John Deitchman, So.; Dominick Cate, R-Fr.; Jack Seavall, Fr.; Camden Dempsey, Fr.; Ben Reznik, Fr.

Defensive linemen

Scholarship (12): Jeremiah Doss, Jr.; Justin Jackson, Jr.; Janaz Jordan, Jr.; Terrance Lang, Jr.; Na’im Rodman, So.; Jalen Sami, So.; Lloyd Murray Jr., R-Fr.; Jayden Simon, R-Fr.; Allan Baugh, Fr.; Tyas Martin, Fr.; Blayne Toll, Fr.; Ryan Williams, Fr.

Walk-ons (2): Mason Maddox, Fr.; Blake Weiher, Fr.

Outside linebackers

Scholarship (6): Jamar Montgomery, Jr.; Guy Thomas, Jr.; Carson Wells, Jr.; Joshka Gustav, R-Fr.; Devin Grant, Fr.; Zion Magalei, Fr.

Walk-on (1): Mason Midgett, Fr.

Inside linebackers

Scholarship (9): Nate Landman, Sr.; Robert Barnes, Jr.; Quinn Perry, Jr.; Jonathan Van Diest, Jr.; Jack Lamb, So.; Marvin Ham II, R-Fr.; Alvin Williams, Fr.; Mister Williams, Fr.; Zephaniah Maea, Fr.

Walk-ons (2): Geno Macias, R-Fr.; Katin Suprenant, Fr.


Scholarship (7): Mekhi Blackmon, Jr.; Nigel Bethel, So.; Jaylen Striker, So.; Christian Gonzalez, Fr.; Kaylin Moore, Fr.; Nikko Reed, Fr.; Tyrin Taylor, Fr.

Walk-ons (2): Kyle Scofield, So.; Trey Ortega, Fr.


Scholarship (8): Curtis Appleton, Jr.; Isaiah Lewis, Jr.; Chris Miller, Jr.; Mark Perry, So.; Ray Robinson, So.; Trustin Oliver, R-Fr.; Toren Pittman, Fr.; Trevor Woods, Fr.

Walk-ons (4): Anthony Lyle, Jr.; Steele Dubar, So.; Austin Dahlke, Fr.; Matthew Jacobsen, Fr.


Scholarship (2): Josh Watts, Jr.; Cole Becker, Fr.

Walk-ons (5): PK Evan Price, So.; SN James Townsend, So.; SN Derek Bedell, R-Fr.; PK Mac Willis, R-Fr.; SN Cameron Warchuck, Fr.