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CU’s Boee wins freestyle race at RMISA Championships

Buffaloes place second to Utah

Thanks in large part to another fantastic performance from Magnus Boee, the Colorado ski team placed second overall at the 72nd RMISA Championships which wrapped up this weekend in Midway, Utah.

Boee’s win in the freestyle race at Solider Hollow allowed him to become the 17th skier to post a regional sweep in CU history, and he also earned his second Individual regional championship in two days after winning the classic race on Friday. Boee now has eight wins on the season, matching the CU record for a men’s Nordic skier set by Mads Stroem in 2016.

Freshman Oyvind Haugan also had a solid race, finishing fourth. Freshman Will Koch finished 11th as the third Buffs scorer with senior Ryan Jackson taking 13th, junior Wyatt Gebhardt 18th and senior Tyler Terranova 25th.

The women’s team put three skiers in the top 10. Sophomore Anna-Maria Dietze and junior Ezra Smith battled it out for seventh and eighth, respectively, while freshman Weronika Kaleta finished 10th to close out the team scoring.

The Buffs will now put together a team that will compete for an NCAA championship run in two weeks in New Hampshire.

RMISA CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM STANDINGS (FINAL): 1. Utah 680; 2. Colorado 596; 3. Montana State 522; 4. Denver 464; 5. Alaska Anchorage 455; 6. Westminster 320; 7. Alaska Fairbanks 270; 8. Colorado Mountain 146; 9. Wyoming 138.

MEN’S 20K FREESTYLE (32 collegiate finishers)—1. Magnus Boee, CU, 48:59.1; 2. Sam Hendry, 49:17.0; 3. Bernhard Flaschberger, DU, 49:58.2; 4. Oyvind Haugan, CU, 50:26.6; 5. Bjorn Riksaasen, UU, 50:28.0; 6. Sigurd Roenning, UAA, 50:35.4; 7. Luke Jager, UU, 50:40.4; 8. Christopher Kalev, UAF, 51:44.7; 9. Ola Jordhiem, 51:44.7; 10. Magnus Noroey, UAA, 52:03.4. Other CU Finishers: 11. Will Koch, 52:24.9; 13. Ryan Jackson, 52:59.8; 19. Wyatt Gebhardt, CU, 54:52.2; 25. Tyler Terranova, 55:53.7.

WOMEN’S 15K FREESTYLE (29 collegiate finishers)—1. Novie McCabe, UU, 42:43.6; 2. Sydney Palmer-Leger, UU, 43:18.7; 3. Astrid Staf, UAA, 44:00.1; 4. Mariel Pulles, UAF, 44:47.3; 5. Mariah Bredal, UU, 44:50.4; 6. Kendall Kramer, UAF, 45:28.9; 7. Anna-Maria Dietze, CU, 45:36.0; 8. Ezra Smith, 45:47.1; 9. Karianne Moe, UU, 46:06.8; 10. Weronika Kaleta, CU, 46:47.9.  Other CU Finishers: 18. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 48:53.0; 25. 23. Ivy Eski, 52:05.4.


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