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Sophomore Magnus Boee picked up his seventh podium of the season, taking third in the freestyle race that closed out the RMISA Invitational at Westminster & Soldier Hollow Tuesday with the Colorado Buffaloes ski team finishing a strong second in the team standings.

In a unique team start, where all the skiers from one team start at the same time and each team is staggered by two minutes, that perhaps gave CU’s other skiers an advantage because they knew if they could stay with Boee, they’d finish near the top.  Boee had won five straight and six of seven races entering Tuesday.  Freshmen Oyvind Haugan and Will Koch did just that, as Haugan was just four-tenths behind Boee in fourth place and Koch finished in sixth, both matching or beating their best finish of the season to date.

Junior Ezra Smith paced the women’s team with a solid fourth place finish and sophomore Anna-Maria Dietze earned her sixth top 10 on the season in eighth.  Freshman Weronika Kaleta was pushing for a top 10 after the first lap but ended up not finishing the race.  Senior Quinn Lehmkuhl was the Buffs third scorer in 14th place, one of the best finishes of her career.

CU racked up 92 points in the men’s race, but still finished second to Utah, who took first, second and fifth for 106 points.  Utah’s Sam Hendry, who had finished second to Boee four times this season, broke through for another win.  Boee and Hendry are the only two men’s Nordic skiers to win a race this season.  The women also finished second behind Utah in the women’s race, but by a little wider margin, 103-78.  The Utes placed five skiers in the top seven of the women’s race led by Novie McCabe, who picked up her second win in as many days, winning the race by nearly a minute.

In the end, the Utes put another overall impressive performance together in winning the meet with 762 points, 138 ahead of the Buffs second-place total of 614.  The Buffs, in turn, were 127 ahead of third place Montana State (487) while Denver (477.5) and Alaska Anchorage (441) closed out the top five of the team standings.

The Nordic teams will now take two days as the regular season is officially complete, an accomplishment in and of itself, and return Friday for the start of the RMISA Championships, also held here at Solider Hollow. The Buffs enter the conference championship meet in second place, but are first among teams that compete in Nordic competition.


TEAM STANDINGS (FINAL): 1. Utah 553; 2. Colorado 444; 3. Denver 384.5; 4. Montana State 369; 5. Alaska Anchorage 318; 6. Westminster 300.5; 7. Colorado Mountain 128; 8. Alaska Fairbanks 118; 9. Wyoming 69.

MEN’S 15K FREESTYLE (33 collegiate finishers)—1. Sam Hendry, UU, 34:21.3; 2. Bjorn Riksaasen, UU, 34:47.1; 3. Magnus Boee, CU, 34:55.3; 4. Oyvind Haugan, CU, 34:55.7; 5. Luke Jager, UU, 34:59.7; 6. Will Koch, CU, 35:19.0; 7. Sigurd Roenning, UAA, 35:56.5; 8. Magnus Noroey, UAA, 36:16.3; 9. Ola Jordheim, UU, 36:20.5; 10. Reed Godfrey, MSU, 36:30.4.  Other CU Finishers: 16. Ryan Jackson, 37:42.9; 23. Wyatt Gebhardt, 39:01.1; 27. Tyler Terranova, 40:22.2.

WOMEN’S 10K FREESTYLE (31 collegiate finishers)—1. Novie McCabe, UU, 26:29.3; 2. Astrid Stav, UAA, 27:22.4; 3. Mariah Bredal, UU, 27:35.4; 4. Ezra Smith, CU, 28:20.4; 5. Julia Richter, UU, 28:48.1; 6. Karianne Moe, UU, 28:49.0; 7. Sydney Palmer-Leger, UU, 29:13.1; 8. Anna-Maria Dietze, 29:19.6; 9. Kendall Kramer, UAF, 29:35.0; 10. Andrianna Proffitt, MSU, 29:41.2.  Other CU Finishers: 14. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 30:24.4; 21. Ivy Eski, 31:29.2.  Did Not Finish: Weronika Kaleta.