The Colorado track and field team competed at the Air Force Collegiate Open here Friday, posting many personal bests while hurdlers Tamia Badal and Jada Green moved up the record board in the 60 hurdles.

Badal ran a personal best 8.57 in the hurdle finals to place third. Her mark moves her up one spot to eighth on the CU record books with the five-hundredths of a second best. She was joined by Jada Green who placed fourth in 8.71, good enough for 10th in school history. Valerie Welch placed sixth and Elise Gillett finished in seventh.

Welch was also 12th in the 200 while Gillett was 19th in 25.83 and 26.95. In the women’s 400, Jaida Drame was the runner-up in 57.78 while Sam Crosmer finished sixth.

The CU women also competed well in the long and triple jumps. Kara Lucyk led the way in the long jump, placing seventh with a jump of 5.31m (16-10). She was joined by Gillett in 10th, Cheyenne Cheshier in 12th and Sarah Aanenson in 14th. Cheshier finished fourth in the triple in 11.67 meters (38-3.5).

The women’s throws were the only other events for Colorado. The Whyrick sisters, Lauren and Meghan, tied for fourth in the shot put with throws of 12.67m (41-7). Green threw 12.49m (40-11.75) to place sixth, while Elena Opp placed 10th, Obi Osafo-Mensah placed 11th and Gillett placed 13th.

In the weight throw, Gya’ni Sami placed fifth with a toss of 16.38m (53-9). Jane Powers finished 12th, Opp 13th, M. Whyrick 15th, L. Whyrick 16th, and Osafo-Mensah 17th.

For the men, the 400 was a closely contested sprint with Kendal Smith placing third in 49.46 while Garrett Nelson was fourth in 49.68. Nick Nuhfer finished ninth and Nick Bianco placed 11th.

Kellen Monestime competed in the hurdles and 200, placing fourth in the hurdles at 8.46 and 10th in the 200. Ian Gilmore finished third in the 200 at 22.05.

The throws were also heavily contested with Tyler Sconce finishing second in the weight throw with a toss of 18.13m (59-5.75). Caleb Penner placed fourth with a toss of 17.64m (57-10.5), while Clayton Castro was sixth and Lars Atkinson was seventh. Henry Carlson placed seventh in the shot while Atkinson was 11th.

In the jumps, Bianco was 11th in the pole vault while Ryan Charles finished 10th in the long jump.


Women’s 200: 1. Deshae Wise (CAL) 24.43; 12. Valerie Welch (COLO) 25.83; 19. Elise Gillett (COLO) 26.95

Women’s 400: 1. Michelle Roca (AF) 57.14; 2. Jaida Drame (COLO) 57.78; 6. Sam Crosmer (COLO) 60.02

Women’s 60 Hurdles: 1. Deshae Wise (CAL) 8.28; 3. Tamia Badal (COLO) 8.57; 4. Jada Green (COLO) 8.71; 6. Valerie Welch (COLO) 8.82; 7. Elise Gillett (COLO) 8.88

Women’s Long Jump: 1. Sydney Reid (CAL) 5.80m (19-0.5); 7. Kara Lucyk (COLO) 5.31m (16-10); 10. Elise Gillett (COLO) 5.13m (16-10); 12. Cheyenne Cheshier (COLO) 5.02m (16-5.75); 14. Sarah Aanenson (COLO) 4.84m (15-10.5)

Women’s Triple Jump: 1. Breanna Covington (FSU) 12.43m (40-9.5); 4. Cheyenne Cheshier (COLO) 11.67m (38-3.5)

Women’s Shot Put: 1. Amelia Dipaola (FSU) 13.34m (43-9.25); 4. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 12.67m (41-7); 5. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 12.67m (41-7); 6. Jada Green (COLO) 12.49m (40-11.75); 10. Elena Opp (COLO) 10.61m (34-9.75); 11. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 10.57m (34-8.25); 13. Elise Gillett (COLO) 9.65m (31-8)

Women’s Weight Throw: 1. Camryn Rogers (CAL) 21.31m (69-11); 5. Gya’ni Sami (COLO) 16.38m (53-9); 12. Jane Powers (COLO) 14.58m (47-10); 13. Elena Opp (COLO) 14.29m (46-10.75); 15. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 12.78m (41-11.25); 16. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 12.63m (41-5.25); 17. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 12.57m (41-3)

Men’s 200: 1. Christian Catlin (CAL) 21.99; 3. Ian Gilmore (COLO) 22.05; 10. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 22.30;

Men’s 400: 1. Ronald Sayles (UNAT) 48.68; 3. Kendal Smith (COLO) 49.46; 4. Garrett Nelson (COLO) 49.68; 9. Nick Nuhfer (COLO) 50.87; 11. Nick Bianco (COLO) 51.67

Men’s 60 Hurdles: 1. Cameron Harris (AF) 8.10; 4. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 8.46

Men’s Pole Vault: 1. Kyle Pater (USAF) 5.49m (18-0); 11. Nick Bianco (COLO) 4.45m (14-7.25)

Men’s Long Jump: 1. Josh Onwordi (GCU) 7.12m (23-4.5); 10. Ryan Charles (COLO) 6.20m (20-4.25)

Men’s Shot Put: 1. Josh Johnson (CAL) 18.77m (61-7); 7. Henry Carlson (COLO) 15.41m (50-6.75); 11. Lars Atkinson (COLO) 13.22m (43-4.5)

Men’s Weight Throw: 1. Dominique Williams (UNAT) 19.05m (62-6); 2. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 18.13m (59-5.75); 4. Caleb Penner (COLO) 17.64m (57-10.5); 6. Clayton Castro (COLO) 15.70m (51-6.25); 7. Lars Atkinson (COLO) 15.00m (49-2.5)