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Magnus Boee wins third straight as Buffs move up to second at Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational

Sophomore Magnus Boee won and freshman Weronika Kaleta was third as the Colorado Buffaloes ski team moved up from fourth to second after freestyle sprint races Friday here at Aspen High School in CU’s own Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational.

The races, which double as the Raole Wille Memorial in the Aspen area, are the only sprint races of the season.  Boee picked up his third straight victory and fourth in five races this season.  Kaleta picked up her third podium appearance and was an unfortunate fall away from potentially picking up her first college win.

CU had five skiers in each race and all five finished in the top 12 in both races, enabling the Buffs to surge from fourth to second with one day of racing remaining in CU’s Invitational.  The Buffs scored 93 points in the men’s race and 90 points in the women’s race for 183 on the day, second to Utah’s total of 204.  Utah moved from third to first in the meet standings with 505.5 points, 51.5 ahead of CU’s total of 454.  Behind the Buffs are Montana State (435), Westminster (362), Alaska Anchorage (242.5), Colorado Mountain (174) and Denver (153).

Behind Boee in the men’s race, Oyvind Haugan was fourth with Wyatt Gebhardt (ninth), Tyler Terranova (11th) and Ryan Jackson (12th) finishing in succession.  On the women’s side, Anna-Maria Dietze finished fifth, Ezra Smith sixth, Ivy Eski 11th and Quinn Lehmkuhl 12th.

In sprint races, all racers first race in a qualifier race with the top 30 skiers advancing to the quarterfinals with five heats of six skiers.  The top two finishers from each heat plus the next two skiers ranked on time advance to the semifinals with two heats of six skiers.  The top two skiers from each semifinal heat plus the next two best skier advance to the final heat of six skiers.

Boee had the second-fastest qualifying time with Haugan coming in third and Gebhardt was fifth, each earning a top seed in the quarterfinal heats. All three won those quarterfinal heats and Terranova was second in his heat with those four Buffs advancing to the semifinals.  Boee won his semi final heat and Haugan was second in his to advance to the finals, where Boee put on a show and won the race.

On the women’s side, Kaleta had a dominating performance in the qualifier race, earning the top time.  Shortly behind her were Dietze and Smith in third and fifth, respectively, and just as the men’s team had done, each were the top qualifier in their respective quarterfinal heat.  As the men did, all three won their quarterfinal heats to advance to the semifinals while Eski and Lehmkuhl finished third and fourth in their heat and did not advance.  Kaleta again won her semifinal heat and Dietze was second in her heat to advance to the finals. Smith just missed out on advancing with a third place finish in her semifinal.

TEAM STANDINGS (Through 6 of 8 Races): 1. Utah, 505.5; 2. Colorado 454; 3. Montana State 435; 4. Westminster 362; 5. Alaska Anchorage 242.5; 6. Colorado Mountain 174; 7. Denver 153. .

MEN’S FREESTYLE SPRINTS (18 collegiate finishers)—FINALS: 1. Magnus Boee, CU, 3:33.23; 2. Bjorn Riksaasen, UU, 3:34.76; 3. Noel Keeffe, UU, 3:35.90; 4. Oyvind Haugan, CU, 3:39.95; 5. Reed Godfrey, MSU, 4:27.67;  SEMIFINALS: 6. Bernhard Flaschberger, DU; 7. Ola Jordheim, UU; 8. Borgar Norrud, DU; 9. Wyatt Gebhardt, CU; 10. Tyler Terranova, CU.  QUARTERFINALS: 11. Ryan Jackson, CU; 12. Jimmy Colfer, DU, 13. Eli Jensen, MSU; 14. Ti Donaldson, MSU; 15. Eli Hermanson, MSU; 16. Evan Barbier, DU; 17. Ole Marius Kirkeng, DU; 18. Ty Godfrey, MSU.

WOMEN’S FREESTYLE SPRINTS (16 collegiate finishers)—FINALS: 1. Julia Richter, UU, 4:03.34; 2. Karianne Moe, UU, 4:05.95; 3. Weronika Kaleta, CU, 4:20.80; 4. Abigail Jarzin, UU, 4:23.21; 5. Anna-Maria Dietze, CU, 6:06.86.  SEMIFINALS: 6. Ezra Smith, CU; 7. Mariah Bredal, UU; 8. Vera Norli, DU; 9. Sophia Mazzoni, MSU; 10. Aubrey LeClair, MSU; QUARTERFINALS: 11. Ivy Eski, CU; 12. Quinn Lehmkuhl, CU; 13. Gracie Shanley, DU; 14. Adrianna Proffitt, MSU; 15. Emma Albrecht, MSU; 16. Sadie Cotton, DU.

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