Colorado track and field senior Sage Hurta hadn’t run in an indoor track meet for the University of Colorado since February of 2018, but 35 months later she made a big re-debut with a school record in the women’s 800.

In just her third indoor 800 in a CU jersey, Hurta downed the youngest school record set by former teammate Dani Jones last season. She clocked 2:02.54, winning the meet and marking the second-fastest time in the nation this season. This was Hurta’s first race for Colorado since November 2019 in the NCAA cross country championships, and her first indoor track event since the MPSF championships in 2018.

Hurta led from point-to-point, splitting the first 200 in 30.6 and the quarter in 61.28. She split the two halves nearly dead even, winning the race by three seconds.

“Sage hasn’t raced in quite a while,” said head coach Mark Wetmore. “I thought she would run about 2:04, so this is a happy surprise.”

On the men’s side of the half mile, Jonathan Horton ran 1:54.01 to place 14th and Josh Ramos ran 1:55.86 for 18th.

Colorado also had a good showing in the sprints, jumps and hurdles. The men’s 4×400 relay ran uncontested in the final event of the meet, running 3:16.27. Most of the men had doubled in the 400 as Ian Gilmore placed eighth in the open in 48.42, Garrett Nelson was ninth in 48.64, Kendal Smith was 12th in 49.37 and Nathan Hoy finished 13th in 49.43.

The women had a similar showing in the open 400, led by Valerie Welch in 16th in 57.12, Tamia Badal in 57.39 and Reese Renz in 60.69. Those three repeated in the 60 hurdle prelims led by Badal’s 8.77 in 12th. Welch finished 14th in 8.93 and Renz ran 9.03 for 16th. Pentathletes Kara Lucyk and Elise Gillett also raced in the hurdles, finishing 17th and 18th in 9.27 and 9.59 seconds, respectfully.

Also on the men’s side in the hurdles, Kellen Monestime ran 8.46 in the prelims to finish ninth, then improved to sixth in 8.64 in the finals.


Women’s 60 Hurdles Prelims: 1. Jasmine Jones (USC) 8.17; 12. Tamia Badal (COLO) 8.77; 14. Valerie Welch (COLO) 8.93; 16. Reese Renz (COLO) 9.03; 17. Kara Lucyk (COLO) 9.27; 18. Elise Gillett (COLO) 9.59

Women’s 400 Meters: 1. Paris Peoples (ARK) 52.48; 16. Valerie Welch (COLO) 57.12; 17. Tamia Badal (COLO) 57.39; 18. Reese Renz (COLO) 60.69

Women’s Shot Put: 1. Jaida Ross (ORE) 14.33m (47-0.25); 5. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 11.97m (39-3.25); 6. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 11.07m (36-4); 7. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 10.19m (33-5.25)

Women’s Triple Jump: 1. Jasmine Moore (UG) 13.80m (45-3.5); 9. Cheyenne Cheshier (COLO) 11.65m (38-2.75)

Women’s 800 Meters: 1. Sage Hurta (COLO) 2:02.54 (SCHOOL RECORD)

Men’s 60 Hurdle Prelims: 1. Jesse Henderson (MSU) 7.85; 9. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 8.46

Men’s 60 Hurdle Finals: 1. Tre’Bien Gilbert (ARK) 7.84; 6. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 8.64

Men’s 400 Meters: 1. Elija Godwin (UG) 45.56; 8. Ian Gilmore (COLO) 48.42; 9. Garrett Nelson (COLO) 48.64; 12. Kendal Smith (COLO) 49.37; 13. Nathan Hoy (COLO) 49.43

Men’s 800 Meters: 1. Baylor Franklin (OM) 1:48.59; 14. Jonathan Horton (COLO) 1:54.01; 18. Josh Ramos (COLO) 1:55.86

Men’s Shot Put: 1. Gavin Beverage (UG) 17.84m (58-6.5); 5. Henry Carlson (COLO) 14.74m (48-4.5)

Men’s Triple Jump: 1. Emmanuel Ihemeje (OU) 16.41m (53-10.25); 5. Steve Fossi-Noue (COLO) 14.44m (47-4.5)

Men’s Heptathlon: 1. Markus Ballengee (ARK) 5827; 9. Nick Bianco (COLO) 4771

Men’s 4×400 Relay: 1. Colorado, 3:16.27