This month, Tyrin Taylor is going through a major life change.

One of the newest Colorado football players, Taylor graduated high school early, left his home across the country for the first time and is embarking on his college journey.

Colorado cornerback Tyrin Taylor

“I was (nervous) a few months back,” he told BuffZone before moving to Boulder. “But now it’s kind of like, it’s what I’ve got to do. Plus, I like to put  myself in uncomfortable situations anyway, because if you don’t do that, you can’t grow.”

Taylor is looking forward to a lot of personal growth, on and off the field, at CU.

One of 17 players who signed national letters of intent with the Buffs in December, Taylor is one of six newcomers this month. Also joining CU this semester are fellow prep signees Drew Carter (quarterback), Zephaniah Maea (linebacker) and Erik Olsen (tight end); junior college transfer Trustin Oliver (safety); and Tennessee transfer JT Shrout (quarterback).

Taylor, a 6-foot-2, 180-pound cornerback from Huntersville, N.C., saw an opportunity to get a jump on college.

“It was important to me to come in early basically to adjust,” he said. “You get there early, a few more months before the other guys, so that’s a big plus. Plus you get to play in the spring game if we have one this year. So that was a major part of it, as well. Just to get familiar with the coaches and everything, the college life and everything like that.”

The COVID-19 pandemic played a role in his decision, too, he said. The pandemic caused the cancellation of his senior season at William A. Hough High School, so he hasn’t been able to be involved much with football in recent months. He was itching to get rolling with the Buffs.

“It was tough,” he said of not having a senior year, “but I just had to deal with it because it’s something I can’t control.”

He could control his preparation for CU, though, and Taylor said he never let up in getting ready.

“My (defensive backs) coach from my high school, we were working out before the season anyway, so I just kept working out with him,” he said. “And, usually no one has to tell me to work out. I go run by myself and stuff like that and I have weights in the garage. Basically I was on my own.”

While he wasn’t playing this fall, Taylor enjoyed watching the Buffs from afar. CU went 4-2 during the shortened season and got Taylor even more excited to join the herd.

“I knew the season wasn’t going to be what we wanted, but we made the most out of it,” she said. “There’s some holes in our game and stuff, but we’re gonna continue to work on that with coaches.”

Throughout the season, CU cornerbacks Mekhi Blackmon and Christian Gonzalez played well and Taylor said he enjoyed watching them. Now, he can’t wait to compete with them in practice.

“I liked (watching them), realizing I could be a big part of it, as well, in the DB room,” he said. “I’m ready right now.”

CU coaches have told Taylor he will start out at cornerback, but it’s possible he could see time at other spots in the secondary during his career.

For now, though, he’s just eager to open a new chapter and take a step that no one on his immediate family has even taken.

“I’ll be the first one(to go to college),” he said. “They’re very proud because none of them have reached this step and for me to do it, that’s a huge blessing.”