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A total of 304 student-athletes were recognized for their work in the classroom and were named
to the Pac-12 Winter Academic Honor Roll.

Any student-athlete on his or her respective team roster with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible to receive all-academic honors. There is no longer a selection process to determine all-academic teams for each sport. Any student-athlete who qualifies will be named to the Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll during the season in which he/she competes.

The Winter Academic Honor Roll includes student-athletes who participated in the Conference-sponsored sports of men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, and wrestling. In addition, included on this list was San Diego State’s men’s soccer honorees as they were inadvertently left off the Fall Academic Honor Roll. Listed below by institution are the 2020 Winter Academic Roll honorees:

Stone Gettings Men’s Basketball Master’s in Accounting
Tara Manumaleuga Women’s Basketball Undeclared
Bryce Nixon Women’s Basketball General Studies
Cate Reese Women’s Basketball Pre-Business
Tee Tee Starks Women’s Basketball Master’s in Educational Leadership
Sam Thomas Women’s Basketball Psychology
Payton Bellows Gymnastics Physiology
Christina Berg Gymnastics Nutritional Sciences
Courtney Cowles Gymnastics Film and Television
Asia Rose Duvernay Gymnastics Pre-Business
Sydney Freidin Gymnastics Nutritional Sciences
Haylie Hendrickson Gymnastics Psychology
Laura Leigh Horton Gymnastics Elementary Education
MacKinzie Kane Gymnastics Physiology & Medical Sciences
Jenny Leung Gymnastics Management Information Systems
Maddi Leydin Gymnastics Psychology
Heather Swanson Gymnastics Nutritional Sciences
Jack Anderson Men’s Swimming & Diving Sustainable Built Environments
Ty Coen Men’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Tai Combs Men’s Swimming & Diving Biomedical Engineering
Eric Correa Men’s Swimming & Diving Pre-Public Health
Marin Ercegovic Men’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
Brooks Fail Men’s Swimming & Diving Literacy Learning & Leadership
Colin Gwiazdowski Men’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Christian Imbus Men’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Brendan Meyer Men’s Swimming & Diving Management Information Systems
Daniel Namir Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Jose Neumann Men’s Swimming & Diving Pre-Business

Casey Ponton Men’s Swimming & Diving Marketing
Noah Reid Men’s Swimming & Diving Management Information Systems
Isaac Stump Men’s Swimming & Diving Pre-Psychological Science
Ty Wells Men’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Madison Blakesley Women’s Swimming & Diving Pre-Elementary Education
Alayna Connor Women’s Swimming & Diving Nutritional Sciences
Katrina Hage Women’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Kirsten Jacobsen Women’s Swimming & Diving Accounting
Mallory Korenwinder Women’s Swimming & Diving Physiology
Ayumi Macias Women’s Swimming & Diving Marketing
Taylor Nations Women’s Swimming & Diving Film and Television
Victoria Navarro Women’s Swimming & Diving Pre-Business
Francesca Neubauer Women’s Swimming & Diving Journalism
Jacqueline Purwins Women’s Swimming & Diving Physiology & Medical Sciences
Jamie Stone Women’s Swimming & Diving Accounting
Grant Fogerty Men’s Basketball Economics
Mickey Mitchell Men’s Basketball Liberal Studies
Taya Hanson Women’s Basketball Marketing
Jamie Loera Women’s Basketball Business
Reili Richardson Women’s Basketball Finance
Jamie Ruden Women’s Basketball Psychology
Kiara Russell Women’s Basketball Sociology
Robbi Ryan Women’s Basketball Med, Higher and Postsecondary Education
Jayde Van Hyfte Women’s Basketball Interdisciplinary Studies
Jessica Ginn Gymnastics Kinesiology
Morgan Hart Gymnastics Geography
Kaitlin Harvey Gymnastics Sports Science & Performance Programing
Ashley Szafranski Gymnastics Kinesiology
Morgan Wilson Gymnastics Exercise & Wellness (Fitness and Wellness Specialist)
Graycee Zaugg Gymnastics Nutrition
Aaron Beauchamp Men’s Swimming & Diving Supply Chain Management
Kevin Benevidez Men’s Swimming & Diving Mechanical Engineering
Cody Bybee Men’s Swimming & Diving Management
Evan Carlson Men’s Swimming & Diving Mechanical Engineering
Nick Carlson Men’s Swimming & Diving Finance
Zach Dienstbier Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Jack Edgemond Men’s Swimming & Diving Marketing
Jack Etter Men’s Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences
Matthew Kint Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Information
Jack Kucharczyk Men’s Swimming & Diving Business (Law)
Zach Poti Men’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
Youssef Selim Men’s Swimming & Diving Supply Chain Management & Marketing
Elijah Warren Men’s Swimming & Diving Exercise & Wellness
Isa All Women’s Swimming & Diving Aerospace Engineering
Camryn Curry Women’s Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences
Kendall Dawson Women’s Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences
Bentley Hulshof Women’s Swimming & Diving Health Sciences
Chloe Isleta Women’s Swimming & Diving Communication
Frida Kaellgren Women’s Swimming & Diving Industrial Engineering
Silja Kansakoski Women’s Swimming & Diving Chemistry
Ruby Martin Women’s Swimming & Diving Health Sciences
Emma Nordin Women’s Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences
Cierra Runge Women’s Swimming & Diving Interdisciplinary Studies
Cameron Smith Women’s Swimming & Diving Health Sciences
Lilia Smith Women’s Swimming & Diving Sports Business
Caitlyn Wilson Women’s Swimming & Diving Sports Business
Cade Belshay Wrestling Global Agribusiness
Tanner Hall Wrestling Electrical Engineering
Anthony Valencia Wrestling Liberal Studies

Jacob Orender Men’s Basketball Master of Education, Cultural Studies of Sport in Education
Archer Olson Women’s Basketball Business Administration
Sierra Richey Women’s Basketball Undeclared
Chen Yue Women’s Basketball Business Administration & Statistics
Nina Schank Gymnastics Molecular & Cell Biology
Nate Biondi Men’s Swimming & Diving American Studies
Kyle Millis Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Pawel Sendyk Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Andy Song Men’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Reece Whitley Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Eilzabeth Bailey Women’s Swimming & Diving Mathematics
Alexa Buckley Women’s Swimming & Diving Molecular & Cell Biology
Chloe Clark Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Sarah Darcel Women’s Swimming & Diving Integrative Biology
Ali Harrison Women’s Swimming & Diving American Studies
Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou Women’s Swimming & Diving Data Science
Courtney Mykkanen Women’s Swimming & Diving Media Studies
Robin Neumann Women’s Swimming & Diving Global Studies
Alicia Wilson Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Aidan McQuade Men’s Basketball Integrative Physiology
Frank Ryder Men’s Basketball Economics
Annika Jank Women’s Basketball Communication
Erin Boley Women’s Basketball Product Design
Taylor Chavez Women’s Basketball Pre-Business Administration
Lydia Giomi Women’s Basketball Educational Foundations
Sabrina Ionescu Women’s Basketball Graduate Major – Advertising and Brand Responsibility
Minyon Moore Women’s Basketball Graduate Major – Advertising and Brand Responsibility
Nyara Sabally Women’s Basketball Pre-Journalism: Advertising
Satou Sabally Women’s Basketball General Social Science
Zach Reichle Men’s Basketball Business Information Systems
Ethan Thompson Men’s Basketball Digital Communication Arts
Taya Corosdale Women’s Basketball Human Development & Family Sciences
Aleah Goodman Women’s Basketball Human Development & Family Sciences
Patricia Morris Women’s Basketball Business Administration
Mikayla Pivec Women’s Basketball Biochemistry and Biophysics
Destiny Slocum Women’s Basketball Digital Communication Arts
Janessa Thropay Women’s Basketball Speech Communication
Halli Briscoe Gymnastics Business Administration; Graduate: Organizational Leadership
Lacy Dagen Gymnastics Sociology
Madi Dagen Gymnastics Digital Communication Arts
Savanna Force Gymnastics Kinesiology
Lexie Gonzales Gymnastics Digital Communication Arts
Lena Greene Gymnastics Bioengineering
Jaime Law Gymnastics Design & Innovation Management
Maela Lazaro Gymnastics BioHealth Sciences
Isis Lowery Gymnastics Human Development & Family Sciences
Kristina Peterson Gymnastics Human Development & Family Sciences
Colette Yamaoka Gymnastics Biology
Jamarcus Grant Wrestling Business Administration
Aaron Olmos Wrestling Public Health

Steven Shelofsky Wrestling Biology
Hayden Still Wrestling Graphic Design
Daniel Begovich Men’s Basketball Undeclared
Sam Beskind Men’s Basketball Undeclared
Oscar da Silva Men’s Basketball Biology
Keenan Fitzmorris Men’s Basketball Undeclared
Lukas Kisunas Men’s Basketball Undeclared
Kodye Pugh Men’s Basketball Film & Media Studies
Isaac White Men’s Basketball Sociology
Bryce Wills Men’s Basketball Undeclared
Mikaela Brewer Women’s Basketball Human Biology
Jenna Brown Women’s Basketball Undeclared
DiJonai Carrington Women’s Basketball Psychology/African & African American Studies
Maya Dodson Women’s Basketball Engineering & Ethics
Lacie Hull Women’s Basketball Undeclared
Lexie Hull Women’s Basketball Undeclared
Alyssa Jerome Women’s Basketball Human Biology
Estella Moschkau Women’s Basketball Political Science
Kiana Williams Women’s Basketball Science, Technology & Society
Madison Brunette Gymnastics Undeclared
Kaylee Cole Gymnastics Science, Technology and Society
Rachael Flam Gymnastics Mechanical Engineering
Grace Garcia Gymnastics Product Design
Morgan Hoang Gymnastics Undeclared
Ashley Tai Gymnastics Product Design
Grace Waguespack Gymnastics Undeclared
Aleeza Yu Gymnastics Linguistics
Johannes Calloni Men’s Swimming & Diving International Relations
Jon Cook Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Mason Gonzalez Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Jordan Greenberg Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Benjamin Ho Men’s Swimming & Diving Symbolic Systems
Jack Levant Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Alex Liang Men’s Swimming & Diving Economics
David Madej Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
James Murphy Men’s Swimming & Diving Economics
Brennan Pastorek Men’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Hank Poppe Men’s Swimming & Diving Mechanical Engineering
Grant Shoults Men’s Swimming & Diving Human Biology
Megan Byrnes Women’s Swimming & Diving Management Science & Engineering
Katie Drabot Women’s Swimming & Diving Human Biology
Brooke Forde Women’s Swimming & Diving Human Biology
Katie Glavinovich Women’s Swimming & Diving Human Biology
Anya Goeders Women’s Swimming & Diving Architectural Design
Lauren Green Women’s Swimming & Diving Management Science & Engineering
Hannah Kukurugya Women’s Swimming & Diving Management Science & Engineering
Daria Lenz Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Lucie Nordmann Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Mia Paulsen Women’s Swimming & Diving Symbolic Systems
Allie Raab Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Carolina Sculti Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Brooke Stenstrom Women’s Swimming & Diving Communication
Allie Szekely Women’s Swimming & Diving Management Science & Engineering
Morgan Tankersley Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared

Ashley Volpenhein Women’s Swimming & Diving Management Science & Engineering
Erin Voss Women’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Grace Zhao Women’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Steven Abbate Wrestling Science, Technology and Society
Gabe Dinette Wrestling Undeclared
Shane Griffith Wrestling Undeclared
Jared Hill Wrestling Management Sciences & Engineering
Foster Karmon Wrestling Science, Technology and Society
Brandon Kier Wrestling Science, Technology and Society
Gabriel Townsell Wrestling Political Science
Nathan Traxler Wrestling Computer Science
Dalton Young Wrestling Communication
Alex Olesinski Men’s Basketball Education
Russell Stong Men’s Basketball Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Corsaro Women’s Basketball Psychology
Chantel Horvat Women’s Basketball Economics
Lauryn Miller Women’s Basketball Sociology
Madison Kocian Gymnastics Psychology
Gracie Kramer Gymnastics Sociology
Kendal Poston Gymnastics Political Science
Sara Taubman Gymnastics Human Biology and Society
Pauline Tratz Gymnastics Communication Studies
Gabrielle Anderson Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Emma Cain Women’s Swimming & Diving English
Sophie Clarkowski Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychobiology
Lia Foster Women’s Swimming & Diving Geography/Environmental Studies
Maisie Jameson Women’s Swimming & Diving International Development Studies
Lisa Kaunitz Women’s Swimming & Diving Statistics
Emily Lo Women’s Swimming & Diving Undeclared
Ruby Neave Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
Emma Schaetz Women’s Swimming & Diving Integrative Biology and Physiology
Bonnie Schmitz Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychobiology
Delaney Smith Women’s Swimming & Diving Physiological Science
Erica Vong Women’s Swimming & Diving Business Economics
Joao Ama Men’s Swimming & Diving Economics and Mathematics
Henry Fusaro Men’s Swimming & Diving Philosophy, Politics, and Low
Owen Kao Men’s Swimming & Diving Undecided
Matthew McDermott Men’s Swimming & Diving Accounting
Naomi Gowlett Women’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Hanni Leach Women’s Swimming & Diving Communication
Abby Miller Women’s Swimming & Diving Communication
Isa Odgers Women’s Swimming & Diving Journalism
Catherine Sanchez Women’s Swimming & Diving Accounting
Jemma Schlicht Women’s Swimming & Diving Health and Human Sciences
Laticia Transom Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
Makenna Turner Women’s Swimming & Diving Communication
Riley Battin Men’s Basketball Business Administration
Brooks King Men’s Basketball Finance
Marc Reininger Men’s Basketball Mechanical Engineering
Julie Brosseau Women’s Basketball Business Administration
Maurane Corbin Women’s Basketball Parks and Recreation
Dru Gylten Women’s Basketball Kinesiology
Alexia Burch Gymnastics Kinesiology
Hunter Dula Gymnastics Kinesiology
Cameron Hall Gymnastics Undecided
Cristal Isa Gymnastics Undecided

Adrienne Randall Gymnastics Biology
Missy Reinstadtler Gymnastics Biology
Sydney Soloski Gymnastics Finance
Kim Tessen Gymnastics Philosophy/Psychology
Nicholas Becker Men’s Swimming & Diving Civil Engineering
Andrew Britton Men’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Liuchen Chen Men’s Swimming & Diving Family Communication and Human Development
Santiago Contreras Men’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Jackson Cunningham Men’s Swimming & Diving Mechanical Engineering
Rahiti De Vos Men’s Swimming & Diving Information Systems
David Fridlander Men’s Swimming & Diving Computer Science
Cole Giandinoto Men’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Robert King Men’s Swimming & Diving Business Administration
Brody Lewis Men’s Swimming & Diving Kinesiology
Luke McDivitt Men’s Swimming & Diving Mechanical Engineering
Matteo Sogne Men’s Swimming & Diving Math/Economics
Benjamin Waterman Men’s Swimming & Diving Business
Mallori Allen Women’s Swimming & Diving Marketing
Emma Broome Women’s Swimming & Diving Kinesiology
Kenzie Ford Women’s Swimming & Diving Math/Computer Science
Mariah Gassaway Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
McKenna Gassaway Women’s Swimming & Diving Undecided
Grace Horvath Women’s Swimming & Diving Kinesiology
Madison Lash Women’s Swimming & Diving Health/Psychology
Sarah Lott Women’s Swimming & Diving Kinesiology
Sophia Morici Women’s Swimming & Diving Nursing
Christina Pick Women’s Swimming & Diving Mathematics
Emma Ruchala Women’s Swimming & Diving Hearing Science/Kinesiology
Jason Crandall Men’s Basketball Business Administration: Marketing
Jonah Geron Men’s Basketball Pre-Major
Travis Rice Men’s Basketball Communication
Darcy Rees Women’s Basketball Psychology
Brenna Brooks Gymnastics Pre-Major
Talia Brovedani Gymnastics Pre-Major
Madison Copiak Gymnastics Speech & Hearing Sciences
Amara Cunningham Gymnastics Food Systems, Nutrition & Health
Kristyn Hoffa Gymnastics Masters Education – Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Michaela Nelson Gymnastics Public Health
Evanni Roberson Gymnastics Education, Communities & Organizations
Meaghan Ruttan Gymnastics Pre-Major
Hannah Vandenkolk Gymnastics Pre-Major
Maya Washington Gymnastics American Ethnic Studies; and Education, Communities & Organizations
Aljaz Kunc Men’s Basketball Business
Jeff Pollard Men’s Basketball Master in Business Administration
Michaela Jones Women’s Basketball Business
Shir Levy Women’s Basketball Psychology
Ula Motuga Women’s Basketball Sport Management
Jovana Subasic Women’s Basketball Finance/International Business
Payton Bokowy Women’s Swimming & Diving Data Analytics
Luciana Brock Women’s Swimming & Diving Public Relations
Lauren Burckel Women’s Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences
Ryan Falk Women’s Swimming & Diving Apparel Merchandise and Design Textiles
Keiana Fountaine Women’s Swimming & Diving Psychology
Paige Gardner Women’s Swimming & Diving Biology
Chloe Larson Women’s Swimming & Diving Sport Science
Taylor McCoy Women’s Swimming & Diving Political Science