CU Buffs’ Fleckenstein, Tommy hit podium in giant slalom qualifier

Senior Mikaela Tommy and sophomore Stef Fleckenstein both hit the podium to lead the Colorado Ski Team during the RMISA Alpine Qualifier giant slalom races here at Bridger Bowl on Thursday.

Tommy and Fleckenstein each won a run as Tommy was in the lead after the first run and Fleckenstein used the fastest second run to move up from sixth to third and get on the podium.  For Tommy, it’s the first GS race she hasn’t won this season but she has finished on the podium in all eight finishes this season.   Fleckenstein now has six podium finishes and eight top-five finishes in nine finished races this season.

“It was a beautiful day, no wind, soft snow, a little challenging course on the second runs,” CU coach Richard Rokos said.  “They don’t have much turf, so they have to go over the initial course from the first run which makes it bumpy, but other than that it was a good race.”

Tommy has already locked up the top GS qualification spot out of the RMISA, but Fleckenstein helped herself with her second runner-up finish.  She moved from third into second on the list.   Forejtek moved up from sixth into fourth on the men’s GS qualification list.

Sophomore Filip Forejtek appeared to have finished second in the men’s race, which would’ve been his third runner-up finish in the last four races, but he was disqualified on the second run, one of four DQs in the run on the field, an extremely rare occurrence for a giant slalom race.

With his DQ, the men were led by Teddy Takki in seventh place, the best GS finish of his season and second top 10, which was integral in solidifying his qualification position.  On the women’s side, Emma Hammergaard also got her second top 10 for GS in the season, also good news for qualification purposes.

“In terms of qualification, there are two factors,” Rokos said. “We have to try to improve and also protect whatever you have. Teddy is the highlight of the day, he solidified his GS position.”

The regular season is now officially complete as the RMISA Championships kick off Friday. The alpine teams will run another set of giant slalom races and the Nordic teams will also be in action with freestyle races.  The championships will end Saturday with slalom and classic races, respectively.

WOMEN’S GIANT SLALOM (25 collegiate finishers)—1. Storm Klomhaus, DU, 1:51.54; 2. Mikaela Tommy, CU, 1:51.71; 3. Stef Fleckenstein, CU, 1:52.22; 4. Kathryn Parker, UU, 1:52.75; 5. Lana Zbansnik, WMC, 1:53.01; 6. Julia Toiviainen, WMC, 1:53.04; 7. Andrea Komisc, 1:53.36; 8. Eleri Smart, DU, 1:53.74; 9. Emma Hammergaard, CU, 1:53.88; 10. Haley Cutler, MSU, 1:53.89.  Other CU Finishers: 14. Isabelle Fidjeland, 1:54.60; 18. Olivia Gerrard, 1:55.39; 20. Andrea Arnold, 1:55.72; 22. Kaitlyn Harsch, 1:56.67.

MEN’S GIANT SLALOM (24 collegiate finishers)—1. Tobias Kogler, DU, 1:52.34; 2. Gustav Voello, UU, 1:53.85; 3. Riley Seger, MSU, 1:54.17; 4. Mikkel Solbakken, WMC, 1:54.24; 5. Joachim Mjelde, WMC, 1:54.38; 6. Jett Seymour, DU, 1:54.51; 7. Teddy Takki, CU, 1:54.70; 8. Mikkel Wahl, WMC, 1:54.98; 9. Joachim Lien, 1:55.10; 10. Huston Philp, UU, 1:55.11.  Other CU Finishers: 14. Max Bervy, 1:55.63; 16. Bobby Ryan, 1:55.82; 20. Alex Birkner, 1:58.20.  Did Not Finish Second Run: Joey Young.