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Freshman Magnus Boee earned his third win of the season as the Colorado Ski Team racked up 10 top 20 finishes here Sunday at the Owl Creek Chase, doubling as an RMISA Nordic Qualifier.

There was no team scoring for the race, a popular point-to-point race that starts in Snowmass and finishes in Aspen, now in its 50th season. The race counts for individual qualifying and honors purposes.

Boee won his third race of the season, all coming in the last four races. He hasn’t finished lower than second in his last five races and his only other finish of the season was fifth place in the opening race of the season at the CU Invitational. Another impressive win, he took Gold by 48.1 seconds, not quite the 71-second margin of his classic win at the DU Invitational, but impressive nonetheless.

“Before the start, the biggest question for me as if I should double pole the whole way or use grip wax,” Boee said. “I ended up double-polling, which wasn’t a bad choice, it was tough but worth it. I broke away after 4-5 K and held onto my lead and won by a wide margin, so that was cool. It ended well, I won the race and am super happy about that.”

Junior Sondre Bollum was the second CU skier across the line in 11th with Andrew Potyk (14th), Wyatt Gebhardt (17th) and Tyler Terranova (20th) all earning top 20 finishes. Ryan Jackson did not start the race.

In the women’s race, the Buffs were led by Hedda Baangman and her seventh-place finish. It was her first time leading the Buffs, as she was second in the first five races of the season, behind Anne Siri Lervik the first four races of the season and Anna-Maria Dietze on Saturday. Lervik did not start the race for the second straight day.

Ezra Smith earned her fourth top 10 finish of the season while Dietze finished in 12th place. Bridget Donovan (18th) and Quinn Lehmkuhl (19th) gave the Buffs five top 20 finishes, similar to the men’s race. All 10 skiers that started the race for the Buffs finished in the top 20.

WOMEN’S FREESTYLE (34 collegiate finishers)—1. Eveliina Piippo, DU, 1:23:03.4; 2. Leah Lange, UU, 1:24:10.3; 3. Emma Tarbath, MSU, 1:24:23.9; 4. Guro Jordheim, UU, 1:24:52.5; 5. Mariah Bredal, UU, 1:25:40.6; 6. Vera Norli, DU, 1:26:26.6; 7. Hedda Baangman, CU, 1:27:11.1; 8. Karianna Moe, UU, 1:27:24.5; 9. Ezra Smith, CU, 1:27:40.4; 10. Julia Richter, UU, 1:28:03.9. Other CU Skiers: 12. Anna-Maria Dietze, 1:29:37.4; 18. Bridget Donovan, 1:34:03.9; 19. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 1:34:06.5. Did Not Start: Anne Siri Lervik.

MEN’S 10K FREESTYLE (41 collegiate finishers)—1. Magnus Boee, CU, 1:10:28.3; 2. Maximilian Bie, UU, 1:11:16.8; 3. Espen Persen, UAA, 1:11:18.6; 4. Bernhard Flaschberger, DU, 1:11:20.1; 5. Zanden McMullen, MSU, 1:11:20.5; 6. Sigurd Roenning, UAA, 1:11:31.7; 7. Ole Marius Kirkeng, DU, 1:11:44.8; 8. Logan Diekman, UU, 1:11:50.3; 9. Ola Jordheim, UU, 1:12:07.6; 10. Eli Jensen, MSU (1:12:46.2). Other CU Finishers: 11. Sondre Bollum, 1:13:43.5; 14. Andrew Potyk, 1:15:02.4; 17. Wyatt Gebhardt, 1:15:27.9; 20. Tyler Terranova, 1:16:12.7. Did Not Start: Ryan Jackson.

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