Five Top 10 finishes keep Buffs in second at Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational

Senior Anne-Siri Lervik and freshman Magnus Boee both earned top five finishes as the Nordic teams had a solid start to the 2020 season here to remain in second place at the CU Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational at Howelsen HIll.

While the Buffs had a solid day, Utah had an even better day, sweeping the podium in the men’s race and earning the top two spots in the women’s race. The team standings spread out a bit as Utah leads with 541 points, 71 up on the Buffs total of 470, but the Buffs also opened up a bigger lead over third place Denver, who is third with 395.5 points. Entering the day, those three teams were within 25 points and now the margin is 145.5.

Boee had a solid start to his career and it could’ve been even better had he not been tripped at the bottom of the final hill. With about a minute to go, he got tangled with a Utah skier, fell and lost 10-15 seconds. As it were he finished fifth while sophomore Wyatt Gebhardt taking seventh place.

Lervik led the Buffs on the women’s side, skiing for the first time this season and responding with a fourth-place finish while junior Hedda Baangman finished seventh and sophomore Ezra Smith ninth to give the Buffs three in the top 10. Lervik has now finished in the top 5 a total of 18 times in 36 career races.

TEAM—1. Utah 541; 2. Colorado 470; 3. Denver 395.5; 4. Alaska Anchorage 382; 5. Montana State 318.5; 6. Westminster 242; 7. Colorado Mountain 143; 8. Alaska Fairbanks 113; 9. Wyoming 67.

MEN’S 10K FREESTYLE (38 collegiate finishers)—1. Samuel Hendry, UU, 27:29.3; 2. Maximilian Bie, UU, 27:46.4; 3. Luke Jager, UU, 27:59.3; 4. Logan DIekmann, UU, 28:10.6; 5. Magnus Boee, CU, 28:23.9; 6. Espen Persen, UAA, 28:29.2; 7. Wyatt Gebhardt, CU, 28:29.7; 8. Noel Keeffe, UU, 28:42.3; 9. Ola Jordheim, UU, 28:44.8; 10. Sigurd Roenning, UAA, 28:46.1. Other CU Finishers: 12. Sondre Bollum, 28:56.5; 15. Ryan Jackson, 29:12.3; 17. Andrew Potyk, 29:22.2; 22. Tyler Terranova, 30:16.5.

WOMEN’S 5K FREESTYLE (36 collegiate finishers)—1. Guro Jordheim, UU, 15:14.2; 2. Maria Bredal, UU, 15:25.7; 3. Anna Darnell, UAA, 15:33.0; 4. Anne-Siri Lervik, CU, 15:39.5; 5. Leah Lange, UU, 15:44.0; 6. Natalie Hynes, UAA, 15:55.6; 7. Hedda Baangman, CU, 16:00.9; 8. Emma Tarbath, MSU, 16:04.7; 9. Ezra Smith, CU, 16:10.2; 10. Mariel Pulles, UAF, 16:12.7. Other CU Finishers: 13. Anna-Maria Dietze, 16:26.9; 18. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 16:55.5; 24. Bridget Donovan, 17:44.4.