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Automatic one-year contract extension invoked for CU basketball’s Tad Boyle

Buffs on track for fifth NCAA tourney appearance in Boyle’s 10 seasons

BOULDER, CO - Jan. 2, 2020: ...
Jeremy Papasso/ Staff Photographer
Colorado head coach Tad Boyle owns the second-most wins in Buffs history.

With a return to the NCAA Tournament squarely within sight for his program following Thursday’s home win against No. 4 Oregon, the perpetual five-year contract for Colorado men’s basketball coach Tad Boyle remains intact.

Before Thursday’s victory, CU athletic director Rick George confirmed the automatic one-year extension written into Boyle’s contract once again was invoked on Jan. 1. A clause in Boyle’s contract states that unless either Boyle or the university serves notice of an intention to opt out of the extension to the other party by Dec. 31, the one-year addition is automatically invoked. Neither side gave notice, as has been the case throughout Boyle’s 10-year tenure.

The one-year extension keeps Boyle on the books at CU through June 30, 2025. It is expected to be approved at the CU Board of Regents meeting in mid-February.

Last year the financial package of Boyle’s contract was bolstered, with his base and supplemental income increasing to just a touch north of $1.8 million annually ($1,807,200). George confirmed the financial terms, including a long list of performance and character/academic bonuses, will not alter with the one-year extension.

Thursday’s win against the fourth-ranked Ducks was the 63rd win against a ranked foe for the CU program since the 1949-50 season. Nineteen of those victories (30 percent) have occurred during Boyle’s nine-plus seasons in charge.

Boyle owns the second-most wins in Buffs history, notching win No. 200 at CU on Sunday against Iona and moving to 201-125 with the win against Oregon. His winning percentage of .617 ranks second all-time at CU behind Forrest Cox’s .623 and, barring a completely unexpected departure in the upcoming seasons, it likely only is a matter of time before Boyle surpasses Sox Walseth’s all-time wins record of 261.

Boyle owns six of the 10 20-win seasons in CU history and has led the Buffs into the NCAA Tournament four times, with CU currently on track to add to both of those totals this season.

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