Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer
BOULDER, CO – November 23, 2019: Colorado’s Tim Lynott Jr. wins this years Buffalo Heart Award after the game in Boulder on November 23, 2019. (Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)

Offensive linemen typically don’t get a lot of attention unless they do something wrong.

Colorado’s Tim Lynott Jr. was honored on Saturday because of all that he did right.

The Buffaloes’ senior center was given the Buffalo Heart Award after CU’s 20-14 win against Washington at Folsom Field. Founded by four friends – Pat Grimes, Craig Augustin and Ashley and Thaddeus Cernac – in 1998, the award is presented by fans to the Buff who demonstrates grit, determination and toughness. It typically goes to a senior, but is open to any player on the roster.

“That’s something that is special,” said Lynott, who is the 22nd winner of the award and the first offensive lineman. “I didn’t really know about it until just recently, like within this last week. I think that’s awesome and I really believe that it is something special that I will never take for granted. That is something that the fans give, and I can really appreciate what they did for me and how they supported us throughout these years. Props to them, and that is a great reward.”

Lynott, who came to CU from Regis High School, is one of just six players remaining from the 2015 recruiting class. During his career with the Buffs, he primarily played right guard, but moved to center this past offseason and has started all 11 games there.

Saturday was Lynott’s 47th career game and his 44th start. While he’s been a stalwart up front, he also battled adversity. Late in the 2017 season, he tore an Achilles’ tendon and fought throughout the next offseason to great ready for the 2018 season.

Fittingly, on a night he won an award for grit, determination and toughness, Lynott helped the offensive line pave the way for 207 rushing yards against the Huskies.

“That is something that we did in fall camp and spring ball, and that’s something that coach (Mel) Tucker emphasized, and I think that the offensive line enjoys that,” Lynott said of running the ball. “That is something that we take pride in. That was something that was really special to us, especially going out on Folsom field. That was really important that we did that and we made sure that we made our mark.”

Buffalo Heart Award Winners

1998: Darrin Chiaverini, WR

1999: Mike Moschetti, QB

2000: Eric McCready, WR

2001: Cortlen Johnson, RB

2002: Tyler Brayton, DT

2003: Medford Moorer, FS

2004: Bobby Purify, RB

2005: Joel Klatt, QB

2006: Thaddaeus Washington, LB

2007: Jordon Dizon, LB

2008: Ryan Walters, FS

2009: Cha’pelle Brown, CB

2010: Cody Hawkins, QB

2011: Rodney Stewart, RB

2012: Will Pericak, DE

2013: Parker Orms, S

2014: Greg Henderson, CB

2015: Nelson Spruce, WR

2016: Sefo Liufau, QB

2017: Phillip Lindsay, RB

2018: Rick Gamboa, LB

2019: Tim Lynott Jr., OL