On Sunday, Joe Perkins of Madison-Ridgeland (Miss.) Academy, announced his verbal commitment to the Colorado football program for the class of 2020.

A 6-foot-1, 195-pound receiver/safety, Perkins has a three-star rating from and and projects as a safety for his career with the Buffaloes. caught up with Perkins to get his thoughts on his decision to play at CU:

Buffzone: First off, congratulations on your decision. How excited are you about making this choice to play for the Buffs?

Perkins: “I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Colorado, with me going up there and meeting the coaching staff, seeing the environment, seeing the city of Boulder, it really felt like home. I’ve been to a lot of places ever since I started this recruiting process, going to camps and seeing different campuses. When I went to Boulder, it was a different feeling. I’ve gone to some tremendous campuses, but Boulder felt like home and I could see myself being there for three or four years or however many years I’m there. I could see myself starting my own family (there) when that time comes. It’s just a great environment to be around. After talking to my parents, I feel like it was the right decision to commit and explore something different.”

Courtesy Joe Perkins
Madison-Ridgeland (Miss.) Academy safety Joe Perkins poses at Folsom Field during an unofficial visit to the Colorado campus in Boulder.

Buffzone: How has the recruiting process gone with CU?

Perkins: “(Recruiting assistant Blake) Lane was the first person who talked to me from Colorado. He really recruited me and he got my film to (cornerbacks coach Tavares) Tillman and (head coach Mel) Tucker and (defensive coordinator Tyson) Summers. Two days after we first talked and I sent them my film, they called me about offering me a scholarship.  Then, I went up there this past weekend and it was a great experience that I won’t forget.”

Buffzone: What were the highlights of your visit last weekend?

Perkins: “The campus was very clean and you could tell the campus is very friendly and it’s safe. The coaching staff, they were very welcoming. They made you feel at home. I’ve heard that Colorado, overall, is just a beautiful place to live. I just really enjoyed seeing people happy, people smiling. One thing that really stood out to me is how the stadium is right there on campus. Coach Tucker, talking to him, it really felt like home. He’s put DBs in the (NFL); he’s put 10 first-round DBs in the league. I believe in him, I believe in coach Tillman, coach Lane, the overall staff. They help you with everything. They’re going to push you and make sure everything is going good and in the right direction or you.”

Buffzone: You have 12 other offers, but this is your first Power 5 offer. Do you feel that you are an underrated player?

Perkins: “No, I don’t feel like I’m an underrated player. I just feel like it’s not my time right now. God has times and places for everybody. If more Power 5 offers come in, I’m just going to continue to thank God, continue to remain humble, put in the work, keep my head down. The other schools that have offered me that are not Power 5, they’re still tremendous schools. … But as of right now, Colorado is home and I’m not going to be changing that any time soon.”

Buffzone: Do you feel you have a lot of room to grow as a player?

Perkins: “I have to continue to put in the work and everything. The one highlight about Colorado is, they saw my film and they believed in me. They were the Power 5 school that said, ‘We need to offer this kid because he’s something special and he can help build this program.’”