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GIRDWOOD, Alaska – The Colorado ski team was unable to catch Utah, but finished second in the 70th annual Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association (RMISA) Championships on Sunday at Aleyska Ski Resort.

Utah finished the event, which began Wednesday with Nordic races, with 671 points. CU scored 609 points, with New Mexico placing third with 523.

CU came into Sunday’s slalom events 34 points behind the Utes, and made up some ground in the women’s slalom. Five Buffs placed in the top 14, as they cut 11 points off the Utes’ lead.

Freshman Mikaela Tommy placed fifth, recording her first top-five finish in a slalom race. Freshman Stef Fleckenstein finished sixth, with senior Nora Christensen in eighth and junior Andrea Arnold in 10th.

“The women’s team skied solid and they knew the pressure to finish and did well,” CU head coach Richard Rokos said. “We can all be pleased with their performance. The GS on Friday wasn’t typical for them. We have depth on the women’s side, all six healthy skiers had great seasons.”

On the men’s side, however, the Buffs didn’t have anyone in the top 10. Joey Young led the way with a 12th place finish.

“We are meditating over it, trying to figure out what happened,” Rokos said. “There are no good answers right now. It’s not a lack of commitment; the guys are doing their best, it’s just not working. We’ll spend a few more days training and working on it. In the end, we are being out-skied by Utah because of their numbers. They have 10 men’s alpine skiers, and they’re all really good skiers.”

Next up for the Buffs is the NCAA Championships, March 6-9, in Stowe, Vt.

“We’ll train Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then head east Saturday and train there,” Rokos said. “We’ll have the opportunity to fix something if it’s fixable. I think it’s more mental than physical, sometimes it’s hard to know where this comes from but we’ll find out this week.”

RMISA Championships

Final team scores – 1. Utah 671; 2. Colorado 609; 3. New Mexico 523; 4. Alaska Anchorage 511; 5. Denver 436; 6. Montana State 423; 7. Alaska Fairbanks 182; 8. Westminster 135; 9. Colorado Mountain 49.

Women’s Slalom – 1. Jocelyn McCarthy, MSU, 1:51.06. CU results: 5. Mikaela Tommy, 1:51.64; 6. Stef Fleckenstein, 1:52.21; 8. Nora Christensen, 1:52.72; 10. Andrea Arnold, 1:55.33; 14. Olivia Gerrard, 1:56.33; Did not finish first run, Kaitlyn Harsch.

Men’s Slalom – 1. Simon Fournier, DU, 1:44.12; CU results: 12. Joey Young, 1:45.80; 17. Teddy Takki, 1:46.63; 24. Max Bervy, 1:48.38; 26. Max Luukko, 1:52.81; Did not start first run, Bobby Moyer; Disqualified second run, Filip Forejtek.

Friday’s results

Women’s 15K Classic – 1. Julia Richter, UU, 44:48.2; CU results: 2. Hedda Baangman, 45:31.3; 5. Christina Rolandsen, 46:30.6; 11. Anne Siri Lervik, 47:20.4; 15. Ezra Smith, 48:38.0; 32. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 56:57.1.

Men’s 20K Classic – 1. Kornelius Grov, UNM, 52:44.0; CU results: 3. Erik Dengerud, 52:44.7; 4. Alvar Alev, 52:53.9; 14. Sondre Bollum, 54:46.8; 24. Andrew Potyk, 56:39.2; 29. Wyatt Gebhardt, 58:12.6; 35. Tyler Terranova, 59:40.5.

Women’s Giant Slalom – 1. Andrea Komsic, DU, 2:33.69; CU results: 8. Andrea Arnold, 2:38.76; 12. Nora Christensen, 2:40.02; 14. Kaitlyn Harsch, 2:41.34. Did Not Finish Second Run: Stef Fleckenstein, Olivia Gerrard, Mikaela Tommy.

Men’s Giant Slalom – 1. Addison Dvoracek, UU, 2:25.06; CU results: 3. Max Luukko, 2:26.31; 4. Filip Forejtek, 2:26.57; 11. Joey Young, 2:27.42; 17. Teddy Takki, 2:28.57. Did Not Finish First Run: Max Bervy. Did Not Start First Run: Bobby Moyer.

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