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BOZEMAN, Mont.—Sophomore Hedda Baangman won the women’s 15K classic race and three Buffs finished in the top five as the University of Colorado Ski Team surpassed New Mexico and held off a surging Utah team to win the Montana State Invitational here at Crosscut Mountain Saturday in the closest meet in three years on the collegiate skiing circuit.

After not finishing her race yesterday, Baangman turned on the jets in the women’s race to win by 29.8 seconds. The race was not only critical for the Buffs to overtake New Mexico, which held a slim nine point lead over the Buffs entering the day, but it enabled the Buffs to hold off surging Utah. The Utes opened the day 25 points behind the Buffs but outscored the Buffs by 21 points to close the gap. The Utah women finished 2-6-7 in the women’s race for a total of 89 points to the Buffs 1-4-5 finish for an even 100.

“It’s always good to get a win,” CU coach Richard Rokos said. “We talked about it last night and the Nordic team has been skiing consistently, especially the women’s team, who had a really good race today. We are still working on our consistency as a team and we will continue to improve as the season progresses, but it’s always good to get a win.”

The Buffs four point win over Utah was the closest meet since the 2016 Montana State Invitational when Denver outpaced the Buffs, 629-625. In 2014, the RMISA Championships were decided by four points as the Utes edged out the Buffs, 640-636. The last time a meet was closer was back in 2008 when just 3.5 points separated Denver from the Buffs, 591-587.5, at the New Mexico Invitational.

Across the way at Bridger Bowl, the alpine teams were running a make-up men’s slalom race needed to close out the CU Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational, most of which took place last week at Eldora and Steamboat Springs. Sophomore Joey Young finished fifth in what was essentially a bib race with tough snow conditions. The Buffs came into the day in third place and remained there for the official finish of the meet.

Baangman led for most of the women’s 15K classic race edged out Utah’s Guro Jordheim by 29.8 seconds, 52:21.9 to 52:51.7. Jordheim had won the other three women’s Nordic races this season. Baangman was second to Jordheim by just 1.2 seconds in the 10K classic race at Steamboat last weekend. Junior Anne Siri Lervik had her best finish of the season in fourth place in a time of 53:10.3 and senior Christina Rolandsen was fifth in a time of 53:35.1. Those two headed up a group of five or six skiers that were chasing Baangman and Jordheim throughout the race. Freshman Ezra Smith finished 14th in a time of 56:28.5 and sophomore Quinn Lehmkuhl did not race.

Freshman Erik Dengerud led the way for the men’s Nordic team and his time of 1:02:55.6 was good enough for eighth place, just two spots ahead of senior Alvar Alev in 10th place in 1:03:56.7, just over a minute behind. The Buffs did place five in the top 16 with sophomore Sondre Bollum taking 13th in 1:05:36.2, freshman Wyatt Gebhardt taking 15th in 1:06:09.8 and junior Andrew Potyk finishing 16th in 1:06:10.7. Freshman Tyler Terranova rounded out the Buffs day in 32nd in a time of 1:11:48.1.

Sophomore Joey Young continued the solid start to his season, earning yet another top five finish for the Buffs in a two-run time of 1:45.76. He had the fifth-fastest first run and held that position after having the 10th fastest second run at Bridger Bowl’s Hanton’s Hollow run. Senior Max Luukko finished 15th in a time of 1:47.09 and freshman Max Bervy scored for the Buffs for the second time in as many days after finishing 27th in a time of 1:53.73. Senior Bobby Moyer and freshman Teddy Takki both did not finish their second runs and freshman Filip Forejtek did not race.

MONTANA STATE INVITATIONAL TEAM RESULTS (FINAL)—1. Colorado 587; 2. Utah 583; 3. New Mexico 569; 4. Denver 502.5; 5. Montana State, 464; 6. Alaska Anchorage 458; 7. Westminster 205.5; 8. Alaska Fairbanks 199; 9. Colorado Mountain 31.

WOMEN’S 15K CLASSIC (29 collegiate finishers)—1. Hedda Baangman, CU, 52:21.9; 2. Guro Jordheim, UU, 52:51.7; 3. Kati Roivas, UAF, 53:05.5; 4. Anne Siri Lervik, CU, 53:10.3; 5. Christina Rolandsen, CU, 53:35.1; 6. Karianne Moe, UU, 53:53.9; 7. Mariah Bredal, UU, 53:59.6; 8. Leah Lange, UU, 53:59.6; 9. Jenna DiFolco, UAA, 54.49.5; 10. Taeler McCrerey, DU, 55:11.2. Other CU Finishers: 14. Ezra Smith, 56:28.5.

MEN’S 20K CLASSIC (33 collegiate finishers)—1. Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier, UNM, 1:00:06.9; 2. Kornelius Grov, UNM, 1:00:19.3; 3. Maximillian Bie, UU, 1:00:36.8; 4. Ola Jordheim, UU, 1:00:52.0; 5. Logan Diekman, UU, 1:01:15.9; 6. Sigurd Roenning, UAA, 1:01:44.9; 7. Eivind Kvaale, DU, 1:01:54.3; 8. Erik Dengerud, CU, 1:02:55.6; 9. Ole Marius Kirkeng, DU, 1:03:26.3; 10. Alvar Alev, CU, 1:03:56.7. Other CU Finishers: 13. Sondre Bollum, 1:05:36.2; 15. Wyatt Gebhardt, 1:06:09.8; 16. Andrew Potyk, 1:06:10.7; 32. Tyler Terranova, 1:11:48.1.

SPENCER JAMES NELSON MEMORIAL INVITATIONAL TEAM RESULTS (FINAL)—1. Utah, 663; 2. Denver 548; 3. Colorado 515.5; 4. Montana State 501; 5. Alaska Anchorage 478; 6. New Mexico 442.5; 7. Westminster 211; 8. Alaska Fairbanks 200; 9. Wyoming 105; 10. Colorado Mountain 68.

MEN’S SLALOM (30 collegiate finishers)—1. Louis Muhlen-Schulte, MSU, 1:44.97; 2. Vegard Busengdal, UNM, 1:45.43; 3. Martin Arene, WMC, 1:45.61; 4. Simon Fournier, DU, 1:45.62; 5. Joey Young, CU, 1:45.76; 6. Olav Sanderberg, UNM, 1:45.89; 7. Addison Dvoracek, UU & Zak Vinter, MSU, 1:45.96; 9. Joachim Lien, UU, 1:46.01; 10. Raffael Breu, WMC, 1:46.20; 11. Alex Barounos, UNM, 1:46.52; 12. Martin Grasic, UU, 1:46.62; 13. Anthony Naciuk, UAA, 1:46.93; 14. Jeppe Bardseth, WMC, 1:47.00; 15. Max Luukko, CU, 1:47.09; 16. Patrick Carry, MSU, 1:47.37; 17. Oskar Voello, WMC, 1:47.39; 18. Tyler Theis, UNM, 1:47.65; 19. Ty Sprock, UU, 1:47.99; 20. Nicolas Veth, UNM, 1:48.31; 21. Mikkel Wahl, WMC, 1:48.60; 22. Didrik Nilsen, UAA, 1:48.88; 23. Linus Walch, UU, 1:49.42; 24. Martins Onskulis, UAA, 1:51.49; 25. Dominic Unterberger, UAA, 1:51.77; 26. Sky Kelsey, UAA, 1:53.37; 27. Max Bervy, CU, 1:53.73; 28. Kristinn Audunsson, CMC, 1:55.93; 29. Tai Juneau, CMC, 1:58.28; 30. Harrison Goss, CMC, 1:59.27.Did Not Qualify (Second Run): Florian Szwebel, MSU; Jett Seymour, DU. Did Not Start (Second Run): Fredrik Maurstad, UU; Tommy Anderson, UNM. Did Not Finish (Second Run): Bobby Moyer, CU; Teddy Takki, CU; Tomas Birkner de Miguel, UU; Aage Solheim, MSU; Tobias Kogler, DU; Morten Bakke, MSU; Huston Philp, DU.Disqualified (Second Run): Michael Soetaert, UAA.Did Not Finish (First Run): Devin Hope, CMC; Garett Black, CMC; Sigurdur Hauksson, CMC. Disqualified (First Run): Liam Wallace, UAA.

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