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Key matchups for Saturday’s game between the CU Buffs and Cal

Colorado safety Evan Worthington, left, has three interceptions this season.
Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer
Colorado safety Evan Worthington, left, has three interceptions this season.

CU quarterback Steven Montez vs. CU quarterback Sam Noyer

This matchup has played out throughout practice this week, and it’s possible it’ll play out during the game, as well. Right now, one of the major questions about CU is which one of these two quarterbacks will step up and lead the team through the final four games. CU needs one of them to play well against the Bears.

CU nose tackle Javier Edwards vs. Cal’s interior line

The Buffs have been better against the run when Edwards is on the field. While he hasn’t been exceptional his season, his presence often commands two linemen to block him. That can open up opportunities for others on the CU defense to make plays.

CU receiver Shay Fields vs. Cal’s secondary

At some point this season, Fields figures to explode. Maybe he won’t, but the Buffs and their fans are waiting for it. Fields hasn’t had more than 42 yards in any Pac-12 game this season, and he just 12 last week. He also hasn’t score a touchdown since Week 3 against Northern Colorado.

CU safety Evan Worthington vs. Cal quarterback Ross Bowers

Worthington has been one of the best players on the team this year, and his three interceptions rank among the best in the Pac-12. Bowers has thrown 10 interceptions this season. If the Buffs can force Bowers into some bad throws, Worthington could be the guy to pick them off.

CU offensive line vs. Cal front seven

As usual, the Buffs have to be able to run the ball, in part to move down the field and score points, but also to chew up the clock. CU has done a nice job of run blocking in most weeks, and the Buffs have to do it again.

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