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Colorado head coach Tad Boyle will give his team the weekend off from practice.
Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer
Colorado head coach Tad Boyle will give his team the weekend off from practice.

The Buffs completed their first full week of preseason practice Friday and will have three days off, reconvening on Tuesday. Head coach Tad Boyle said that given the crunch of the season just around the corner, taking a few days to regroup always is beneficial.

“We had some home football games I wanted to leave open for recruiting opportunities and this weekend made the most sense,” Boyle said. “I like to do it in early October. We tell the kids when we recruit them we’re going to give them one weekend before the season really gets cranked up, even though our practices have already started, to get home and see your family. Because now the grind begins and these guys aren’t done until March.”

Friday’s workout was CU’s first with referees, a sight Boyle said would be more common at practice this year.

“Coaches are coaches. They’re not officials. So it’s nice to have officials here that call it hopefully like they see it,” Boyle said. “We have to understand what’s a foul, what’s not a foul. What’s a good screen, what’s an illegal screen. How do you deal with a call that goes against you. All the emotions that go into basketball, you have to be able to handle it. Officials are a part of it. We’re going to do it more this year than we ever have.”


The Pac-12 media day for women’s basketball will be held Wednesday in San Francisco, with the men’s event on Thursday. Coach JR Payne, Kennedy Leonard, and Alexis Robinson are scheduled to represent the CU women’s team.

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