CU skiing’s David Ketterer wins again at Western Region Open

It was just another race and another win for University of Colorado alpine skier David Ketterer.

The freshman from Bad Durrheim, Germany won the men’s giant slalom for a second consecutive day at the Western Region Open FIS being held at Sun Valley Resort in Idaho.

Ketterer’s two-run time of 2 minutes and 21.46 seconds was over a second faster than Martin Grasic’s of Utah, who placed second with a time of 2:22.54.

Updating Ketterer’s win count this winter, he has now won 15 of the 32 races he’s been in. That combines all of his NCAA, NorAm Cup and FIS competition races. In fact, Ketterer has won eight of his last 10 races going back to the RMISA Championships at the end of February.

Nora Christensen led the group of four Buffs who all placed in the top 12 in the women’s slalom. Christensen finished second with a two-run time of 1:28,71, just 48 one-hundredths of a second behind race winner Sofija Novoselic of Westminster College.

Behind Christensen, Isabella Fidjeland finished inside the top 10 for a second consecutive day. Katie Hostetlerplaced 11th and Andrea Arnold 12th.

Western Region Open

Men’s Giant Slalom (67 finishers) — 1. David Ketterer, CU, 2:21.46; 2. Martin Grasic, Utah, 2:22.54; 3. Adam Chrapek, POL, 2:23.32; 4. Nicolo Nogara, Westminster College, 2:23.35; 5. Louis Muhlen-Schulte, AUS, 2:23.37; 6. Oskar Voello, Westminster College, 2:24.58; 7. Morten Bakke, Montana State, 2:25.97; 8. Michel Macedo, SBSTA, 2:26.11; 9. Jordan Asher, Whistler Mountain Ski Club, 2:26.20; 10. Marc Talbott, Williams University, 2:26.22. Other CU Finishers: 14. Roger Carry 2:28.23; DNS Bobby Moyer; DNF1 Max Luukko.

Women’s Slalom (59 finishers) — 1. Sofija Novoselic, Westminster College, 1:28.23; 2. Nora Christensen, CU, 1:28.71; 3. Stephanie Gartner, Montana State, 1:28.83; 4. Ann-Kathrin Breuning, Westminster College, 1:29.04; 5. Benedicte Lyche, Montana State, 1:29.05; 6. Jocelyn McCarthy, 1:30.03; 7. Isabella Fidjeland, CU, 1:30.68; 8. Marie Aufrere, Westminster College, 1:31.91; 9. Madison Ostergren, IMD, 1:32.20; 10. Kathryn Parker, AUS, 1:32.89. Other CU Finishers: 11. Katie Hostetler 1:33.20; 12. Andrea Arnold 1:33.70; DNF2 Megan McGrew; DNF1 Tonje Trulsrud.