Projected roster for the Colorado football team for the fall of 2017. Players with * next to their name are verbal commitments, have yet to sign a letter of intent and therefore are not officially on the roster. Counting the verbal commitments, CU has a projected 85 scholarship players, which is right at the the NCAA maximum is 85. There is sure to be some attrition, as well as a few names added to this list by fall, however.

QUARTERBACKS (3 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: T.J. Patterson (walk-on)
Juniors: None
Sophomores: Steven Montez, Tyler McGarry (walk-on)
Redshirt freshmen: Sam Noyer, Casey Marksberry (walk-on)
True freshmen: Tyler Lytle

RUNNING BACK (6 scholarship; 1 walk-on)
Seniors: Michael Adkins II, Donovan Lee , Phillip Lindsay; Tanner Grzesiek (walk-on)
Juniors: Kyle Evans
Sophomores: Beau Bisharat
Redshirt freshmen: None
True freshmen: Alex Fontenot*

TIGHT END/FULLBACK (3 scholarship; 1 walk-on)
Seniors: George Frazier
Juniors: Dylan Keeney
Sophomores: Chris Bounds
Redshirt freshmen: Derek Coleman (walk-on)
True freshmen: None

WIDE RECEIVER (13 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: Bryce Bobo, Kabion Ento , Shay Fields , Devin Ross, Robert Orban (walk-on)
Juniors: Jay MacIntyre, Lee Walker, Juwann Winfree, Xavier Cochrane (walk-on), Kevin Dement (walk-on)
Sophomores: Johnny Huntley III
Redshirt freshmen: Derrion Rakestraw
True freshmen: Maurice Bell*, Jaylon Jackson, KD Nixon*, Laviska Shenault*

OFFENSIVE LINE (16 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: Jonathan Huckins, Jeromy Irwin, Gerrad Kough, Sam Kronshage
Juniors: Josh Kaiser

Sophomores: Aaron Haigler, Tim Lynott, Dillon Middlemiss, Isaac Miller, Mo Bandi (walk-on), Justin Eggers (walk-on)

Redshirt freshmen: Hunter Vaughn, Kolter Smith (walk-on)
True freshmen: Chance Lytle, Jake Moretti, Heston Paige*, Grant Polley*, Colby Pursell, William Sherman*

DEFENSIVE LINE (14 scholarship)
Seniors: Timothy Coleman, Leo Jackson III
Juniors: Javier Edwards, Jase Franke, Eddy Lopez, Michael Mathewes, Chris Mulumba

Sophomores: Brett Tonz, Lyle Tuiloma, Frank Umu
Redshirt freshmen: Terriek Roberts
True freshmen: Jacob Callier*, Sebastian Olver*, Dante Sparaco*

DEFENSIVE END/OUTSIDE LB (8 scholarship; 1 walk-on)
Seniors: Derek McCartney, Trent Headley (walk-on)
Juniors: NJ Falo, Shamar Hamilton, Terran Hasselbach
Sophomores: None
Redshirt freshmen: Sam Bennion, Pookie Maka
True freshmen: Chase Newman*, Carson Wells*

INSIDE LINEBACKER (6 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: Addison Gillam, Bryan Meek (walk-on)
Juniors: Rick Gamboa, Drew Lewis

Sophomores: None
Redshirt freshmen: Akil Jones, Ellis Carroll (walk-on), Jacob Stoltenberg (walk-on)
True freshmen: Nate Landman*, Jonathan Van Diest*

CORNERBACK (7 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: Andrew Bergner (walk-on)
Juniors: Isaiah Oliver
Sophomores: Kevin George*, Anthony Julmisse, Dante Wigley, Lucas Cooper (walk-on)
Redshirt freshmen: Ronnie Blackmon, Trey Udoffia, Uryan Hudson (walk-on)
True freshmen: Chris Miller*

SAFETY (7 scholarship; 2 walk-on)
Seniors: Afolabi Laguda, Ryan Moeller
Juniors: Nick Fisher, Jaisen Sanchez, Kyle Trego, Evan White, Daniel Talley (walk-on)
Sophomores: None
Redshirt freshmen: Chase Sanders (walk-on)
True freshmen: Isaiah Lewis

KICKER/PUNTER (2 scholarship; 3 walk-on)
Seniors: Chris Graham, Cameron Silzer (walk-on)
Juniors: Alex Kinney
Sophomores: Nick Porter (walk-on), Davis Price (walk-on)
Redshirt freshmen: None
True freshmen: None

LONG SNAPPERS (2 walk-on)
Seniors: None
Juniors: None
Sophomores: JT Bale (walk-on), Austin Shaw (walk-on)
Redshirt freshmen: None
True freshmen: None

TOTAL: 85 scholarship, 25 walk-on

Scholarships by class
Seniors: 19 (7 walk-ons)
Juniors: 22 (3 walk-ons)
Sophomores: 14 (8 walk-ons)
R-Freshmen: 9 (7 walk-ons)
True freshmen: 21