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DENVER – Colorado was dominant in a 44-7 win against Colorado State on Friday night, but the Buffaloes weren’t perfect.

For two Buffs, there’s no question what sits at the top of the list of things to work on this week.

“Ball security. Me and Phil, really, ball security,” quarterback Sefo Liufau said.

Liufau had a nice game overall, but fumbled twice, losing one of them. Running back Phillip Lindsay also played well, but he lost a fumble and nearly lost two (a video review overturned a potential fumble late in the game).

“Just continue to practice,” Lindsay said about what he can do to eliminate the fumbles. “I’m not much of a fumbler and I let a couple go today. That’s on me. Coach (Mike MacIntyre) believes in me and I’m going to continue to work on it. I’ll probably go around school with a football in my hand now.”

Liufau and Lindsay both had issues with fumbles two seasons ago, with Liufau fumbling six times (losing three) and Lindsay fumbling three times (losing two). Last year, they were both better, with Liufau losing two of three fumbles and Lindsay fumbling just once.

Their improvement in that area made Friday a bit surprising.

For Liufau, he said in both cases he tried to do too much. His first one came when trying to make a move to get into the end zone.

“Just trying to do a little much, instead of just trying to put my head down and get the touchdown,” he said.

On that one, his center, Alex Kelley, recovered the ball for a touchdown.

“I’m happy for him, but I think I should take care of the football,” Liufau said.

Later in the game, Liufau was scrambling on a third down play and running for a first down. Rather than sliding, he put his head down and tried to power through CSU defenders for the first down, and lost the ball.

“I thought I was short of the (first down marker) when I fumbled the second one,” he said.

Regardless of the reasoning, Liufau and the Buffs know those fumbles can’t continue.

“In a bigger game, that’ll really cost us,” Liufau said. “I shouldn’t have any more in the year to come.”

That’s the hope, anyway. It didn’t wind up costing the Buffs on Friday, but, as Liufau said, it could later on.

“We haven’t done that in the past, fumbling the ball,” MacIntyre said. “We have to fix that and we’ll fix it this week, I promise you.”

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