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Morrell Osling III visited Colorado on Sunday and committed to the Buffs for the 2017 recruiting class.

On Sunday night, defensive back Morrell Osling III became the 16th player to commit to Colorado for the 2017 football recruiting class.

The Antelope Valley (Calif.) High School star was one of several CU recruits in Boulder over the weekend for a BBQ. He was in town with his father, Morrell Osling Jr., and the two were able to not only tour the facilities and hang out with coaches and players, but check out the sights, including Pearl Street. was able to catch up with Osling and talk about his decision.

Buffzone: How excited are you to have your decision made before you go into your senior year?

Osling: “It just feels good to know I’m going somewhere I feel comfortable for the next four years. I’m excited to even get the offer there, to be able to play. (The people in Boulder) welcome you and it feels great being in this area.”

Buffzone: Aside from the BBQ, what were you able to do on your visit to CU on Sunday?

Osling: “We walked around and saw the facilities, we talked about academics, we had defensive meetings, saw the field. Everything impressed me seeing it online, and just seeing it in person gave me a whole different impression. It was excellent.”

Buffzone: CU’s 2017 class is getting pretty big at this point. How much did those other players help you to form an opinion of the Buffs?

Osling: “The first day I got my offer, they added me into a group chat where they had all the commitments and other kids who have offers from Colorado. Before I even got here, we’ve been talking, so we had already built a relationship before I came out there. It’s like one big family now. No other school has done that for me. I thought that was pretty interesting. Right then and there, I knew that it’s something I would look forward to having a great bond with my teammates before we even come to school. It feels great. Now I’m doing the same thing (in talking to other recruits). Now I’m just joining the family. I feel like I belong here.”

Buffzone: You have excelled as a quarterback in high school, but CU projects you as a cornerback. Are you looking forward to focusing on defense in college?

Osling: “I’m extremely excited. Me playing corner, it fits my description, so I’m not too picky on where I play. Whatever I can do to help the team win.”

Buffzone: What impressed you about the academic side of things at CU?

Osling: “The academics are wonderful. They are among the top schools and they have a great business program and great teachers. They’re really on their athletes about the academics first, so that stood out to me.”

Buffzone: Your dad is with you on this trip. Is he on board with your decision?

Osling: “Before we even got here, he did his research online and he watched videos. He was a big part of my decision.”

Buffzone: You just got the offer from Colorado this past week, and this happened pretty fast. How long have you been talking to CU?

Osling: “I’ve been talking to (secondary coach Joe Tumpkin) for a while now. The offer came a little bit down the road, but we’ve been talking for a while. He flew out to California and watched me perform back pedals and DB drills. We’ve been talking and discussing this for a while. They finally just pulled the trigger. I knew that’s where I wanted to go, so no question there. Why wait if you know where you want to go?”

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