CU athletics: APR report scores continue at high level

The University of Colorado Academic Progress Rate (APR) report based on information for the four year period between 2011-12 and 2014-15 was released by the NCAA on Wednesday, with CU reporting positive news for all 17 of its intercollegiate athletic programs in that time frame.

For the fifth consecutive year, the APR result is the highest in school history since the NCAA’s Academic Performance Program was introduced in 2003. Here are the accomplishments that CU student-athletes recorded in the latest report:

• Of CU’s 17 programs, 10 have averages that exceeded the national average for their sport with four others within 10 points of doing so.

• The women’s basketball team earned the NCAA’s APR Recognition Award, achieving a perfect four-year APR score of 1000 (top 10 percent in its sport); the women’s cross country team earned the honor last year.

• Eight programs increased their annual APR scores, led by the women’s ski team that improved 27 points and the volleyball team that increased its score by 16 points. Tennis (14 points) and men’s basketball (11) also had double-figure gains.

• Four teams had minor decreases after scoring a perfect 1000 in 2013-14; just one student-athlete can alter a perfect score and none are remotely close to being in any kind of penalty situation.

• In the two sports most scrutinized, football and men’s basketball continued to exceed national averages. Football posted a record 973 score (up from 966 last year and well above the 959 nationally), Men’s basketball jumped from 959 to 980, and in five of Tad Boyle’s six seasons at the helm of the program, CU’s number has been above the national mark (964 this year).

Overall, 16 of the 17 programs boast a score of 973 or higher, the only exception being men’s golf (923), which suffered some point penalties due to international students leaving the program; it’s overall four-year APR is fine, however (950).