Alissa Noe’s blog: Buffs fans make themselves at home in Vegas

LAS VEGAS — When the Pac-12 and the Colorado Buffaloes head to Vegas, the best of the best fans head to Sin City to support their teams. On the first day of the conference tournament on Wednesday, the Buffs fans showed up proud and strong, almost to the point that it felt like a home game.

It probably helped that the few Washington State fans in attendance grew dead quiet pretty early in the game, but there were still a good number of Buffalo students and alumni to cheer on their favorite team.

Sarah and Tom Sterkel have seen it all, staying faithful to the herd since Tom graduated from the University of Colorado 42 years ago.

“We’ve had season tickets in the Events Center since Day One, so we’ve been through all the good years, all the bad years. It couldn’t be any better right now,” Tom said.

Prior to Wednesday’s win against Washington State, the Sterkels hoped for the best but were still wary about how the Buffs would fare in the second round on Thursday.

“Realistically I think we’ll win today and it’ll be tough tomorrow. But I think we’ll have a chance,” Tom said.

But no matter what happens, they’ll always be proud of the way the Buffs have held up all season long.

“I think they’re playing well,” Sarah said. “This year compared to other years, they’ve played more like a team and they’ve kind of compensated for each other when somebody wasn’t doing as well as they could have. I think they’ll do well. Arizona’s going to kind of be out to get us.”

Alissa Noe: