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Perhaps an overlooked aspect of the 7-1 start put together by head coach Tad Boyle’s Colorado Buffaloes has been the club’s impressive free-throw shooting.

Given the fickle nature of that particular skill, however, Boyle would rather not hear about it.

“I don’t talk about free throw shooting,” Boyle said. “I don’t talk about it when it’s good. I don’t talk about it when it’s bad. When it’s good, people don’t say a (darn) thing. And when it’s bad it’s like having a back problem — everybody’s got an answer. ‘Oh my God, my aunt Gilda had a back problem and this is what she did. My junior high free throw coach, this is what we did.’

“It bothers people when it’s not good. But when it is good people kind of take it for granted. So I don’t talk about it. It’s a personal thing. We have goals set individually. We have goals set as a team.”

Anyone’s aunt Gilda would be impressed with how the Buffs have fared so far at the free throw line. CU will take a .746 free throw percentage into Saturday night’s home date against BYU, the best mark for a Boyle-led Buffs squad since they set a program record during his first season in 2010-11 at .778. They have calmly knocked down big free throws while putting together impressive comeback wins on the road — going 21-for-26 at Auburn and 18-for-21 on Sunday at Colorado State — and have benefitted from several standout individual performances.

Josh Scott is 38-for-46, setting a pace that would land him among CU’s all-time single-season percentage leaders. Tre’Shaun Fletcher is making a run at joining that same club, going 16-for-19. And point guard Dom Collier is 15-for-16 while connecting on 13 in a row.

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