Tre’Shaun Fletcher is accustomed to moving around.

Raised in Arkansas before spending his high school years in the Pacific Northwest, Fletcher now is being moved in and out of the Colorado Buffaloes’ starting lineup on a rotational basis alongside George King and Josh Fortune.

A 4.4 points-per-game scorer through his first two seasons, Fletcher is averaging 8.2 points heading into Wednesday’s home date against Fort Lewis.

Q: Does your mental preparation change at all the nights you start as opposed to when you come off the bench?

Fletcher: No, I just try to take the same approach each game. It’s all up to coach (Tad) Boyle. I don’t know if he’s going to keep doing this or not, but I try to keep the same approach. I don’t let my highs get me too high and I don’t let my lows get me too low. I try to find a balance.

Q: Does it put more pressure on you when you do start, knowing there is someone waiting for your playing time?

Fletcher: There’s pressure even when you come off the bench. I just try to go in there and produce and do what I’ve got to do. Whichever decision coach makes I can live with it. You just have to keep playing hard.

Q: You were raised in Arkansas but went to high school in Tacoma, Wash. How did that happen?

Fletcher: There weren’t a lot of opportunities down there (in Arkansas) and I wanted to go to a bigger school and be seen. It got me here, so it was the right move.

Q: Despite the basketball opportunity, was it tough to move that far as a teenager?

Fletcher: I had family there (in Washington) and my mom came with me. It worked out. My brother and sister came up there later. My mom in recent years has moved back down (to Arkansas) to help my grandfather out. Now all the kids are grown and we’re all doing our own thing. I didn’t really want to go at first. At first I got made fun of because I talked different. But it worked out. I made lifelong friends there and I still have lifelong friends I grew up with (in Arkansas).

Q: Who are your basketball idols?

Fletcher: Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. They were just exciting to watch. I used to play football too, and my favorite player of all time is Michael Vick.

Q: A while back in this space Tory Miller claimed he is the best dancer on the team. Your thoughts?

Fletcher: The best dancer or the most fun to watch? The most fun to watch would probably be Thomas (Akyazili) or Josh Scott. Those dudes are fun to watch. But the best dancer is probably George (King).

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