The University of Colorado ski program wrapped up the Utah Invitational with a team score of 610 to win its first meet of the season while building on its lead at the Montana State Invitational in a big day for the Buffs on Saturday.

CU picked up two event victories from Petra Hyncicova on the women's Nordic side and men's alpine skier David Ketterer, while also earning four total podium and eight top 10 finishes Saturday.

Both Hyncicova (43.5 seconds) and Ketterer (one minute and 34 seconds) enjoyed very large margins of victories that you don't see too often in the sport.

At the Utah Invitational, CU took the meet by nine points over Denver while up at the Montana State Invitational CU holds a 52-point lead heading into the final day of Nordic racing on Sunday with the 15/20K classical races.

"Congratulations to both alpine and Nordic teams for doing a great job today," a happy head coach Richard Rokos said. "For our women's Nordic team, that is one of best results that we've ever had."

The women's Nordic team had three finish in the top six of the 5K freestyle race in Bozeman, Mont., including taking first and second place. Hyncicova was followed by Ane Johnsen in second and Christina Rolandsen was sixth. It marked the first time since the UAA Seawolf Invitational in 2012 that CU's women's Nordic team finished first and second in the same freestyle race.

"They've been skiing well, they skied well in Utah (last weekend), the whole women's group," head Nordic coach Bruce Cranmer said. "Ane is getting back to form after being sick in the fall and she really stepped up and looked more or less like the Ane of old... Christina has been consistent this year.


"Certainly Petra, her result was awesome. Winning a 5K by 45 seconds is big, that's a lot. It is a significant accomplishment on her part."

All together, Colorado won the women's 5K race with by 28 points over Utah with its team score of 104.

On the alpine side with the running of the men's and women's slalom races Saturday in Snowbasin, Utah, CU was able to hold off Denver to win the meet despite being shorthanded.

"We are down to so few people, to me it feels like the NCAA Championships every single race because while everybody else is digging into six or seven (racers) we are going with four and we are more on edge and our guys are under the pressure to finish," Rokos said, speaking to how tense it was Saturday.

"But so far so good. They are doing a great job in being consistent in finishing rounds and skiing fast, which is kind of an unusual combination.

For Ketterer, it was his second consecutive slalom victory and both were by over a full second.

"He won by well over a second and I mean he is really clean and fast, no question," Rokos said of Ketterer's performance.

On the men's Nordic team, sophomore Petter Reistad recorded a second-straight podium finish as he placed second in the men's 10K freestyle.

Other top 10 performances on Saturday came from the women's alpine team. Sophomore Nora Christensen, who won her first run of the season to open Saturday's slalom race, finished fifth overall with a two-run time of 1:51.57. Classmate Tonje Trulsrud placed ninth and freshman Megan McGrew 11th, giving CU three in the top 11.

On the men's side, sophomore Max Luukko placed seventh and freshman Bobby Moyer14th. Moyer's second-run time of 54.64 in Saturday's slalom was the second-fastest of the field and his 14th-place showing the highest of his young career.

"Bobby is standing next to me, our outstanding standout," Rokos said with a joyful laugh over the phone with Moyer by his side.

Rokos added that he is pleased with how the Buffaloes have opened the season, albeit shorthanded as they battle through injuries.

"It is very tight for us because we don't have depth on the team, we don't have enough people in general, but we are building a very strong team for the NCAAs."


Utah Invitational

Team Scores (Final-8 Events)— 1. Colorado 610; 2. Denver 601; 3. Utah 554; 4. New Mexico 489; 5. Montana State 450; 6. Alaska Anchorage 406; 7. Alaska Fairbanks 252; 8. Westminster 220; 9. Wyoming 104; 10. Colorado Mountain College 35

Women's Slalom Team Scores—1. Montana State 98; 2. Westminster 78; 3. Denver 74; 4. Colorado 71; 5. Utah 51; 6. New Mexico 48; 7. Alaska Anchorage 34, 8. Colorado Mountain College 0

Men's Slalom Team Scores—1. Montana State 90; 2. Colorado 84; 3. New Mexico 72; 4. Alaska Anchorage 64; 5. Utah 52; 6. Westminster 46; 7. Montana State 27; 8. Colorado Mountain College 11

Men's Slalom (27 collegiate finishers)—1. David Ketterer, CU, 1:45.49; 2. Vegard Busengdal, UNM, 1:47.23; 3. Erik Read, DU, 1:47.71; 4. Alex Leever, DU, 1:47.85; 5. Oskar Voello, WMC, 1:48.33; 6. Anthony Nacivk, UAA, 1:48.42; 7. Max Luukko, CU, 1:48.46; 8. Tanner Farrow, DU, 1:48.47; 9. Sebastian Brigovic, DU, 1:48.49; 10.Joergen Brath, Utah, 1:49.10. Other CU Finishers: 14. Bobby Moyer 1:49.49; 26. Roger Carry 1:55.69

Women's Slalom (30 collegiate finishers)—1. Ann-Kathrin Breuning, WMC, 1:50.72; 2. Benedicte Lyche, MSU, 1:50.95; 3. Jocelyn McCarthy, MSU, 1:51.11; 4. Andrea Komsic, DU, 1:51.36.; 5. Nora Christensen 1:51.57; 6. Kari Hole, MSU, 1:52.02; 7. Tuva Norbye, DU, 1:52.12; 8. Julie Mohagen, Utah, 1:52.46; 9. Tonje Trulsrud, CU, 1:52.63; 10. Sofija Novoselic, WMC, 1:52.70. Other CU Finishers: 11. Megan McGrew 1:53.07 24. Andrea Arnold 1:57.02; 20. Katie Hostetler 1:36.18;

Montana State Invitational

Team Scores (6 of 8 events)—1. Colorado 504; 2. Denver 450; 3. Utah 448.5; 4. Montana State 371.5; 5. New Mexico 337; 6. Alaska Anchorage 247; 7. Westminster 246; 8. Alaska Fairbanks 113; 9. Wyoming 55; 10. Colorado Mountain 33.

Women's 5K Freestyle Team Scores—1. Colorado 104; Utah 76; 3. New Mexico 62; 4. Alaska Fairbanks 57; 5.Denver 56; 6. Montana State 52; 7. Alaska Anchorage 44; 8. Wyoming 27.

Men's 5K Freestyle Team Scores—T-1. Denver 86; T-1. Utah 86; 3. New Mexico 67; 4. Colorado 66; 5. Alaska Fairbanks 56; 6. Montana State 49; 7. Alaska Anchorage 40; 8. Wyoming 28

Women's 5K Freestyle (47 finishers)—1.Petra Hyncicova, CU, 15:01.4; 2. Ane Johnsen, CU, 15:44.9; 3. Krista Niiranen, UNM, 15:46.8; 4. Merete Myrseth, Utah, 15:49.6; 5. Guro Jordheim, Utah, 15:52.0; 6. Christina Rolandsen, CU, 16:05.0; 7. Anna Darnell, UAF, 16:.4; 8. Kathleen O'Connell, MSU, 16:52.7; 9. Nichole Bathe, UAF, 16:52.9; 10. Taeler McCrerey, DU, 16:59.7. Other CU Finishers: 19. Anne Siri Lervik 17:03.0; 22. Jesse Knori 17:16.1; 27. Camilla Brautaset 17:29.2; 30. Lucy Newman 17:38.8

Men's 5K Freestyle (36 finishers)—1. Kevin Bolger, Utah, 26:52.0; 2.Petter Reistad, CU, 26:56.2; 3. Lars Hannah, DU, 27:14.8; 4. Karsten Hokanson, MSU, 27:41.2; 5. Dag Trolleboe, DU, 27:42.9; 6. Arnaud Guyon, UNM, 27:51.5; 7. Martin Bergstroem, Utah, 27:52.3; 8. Eivind Kvaale, DU, 28:06.2; 9. Petteri Vaherkoski, UNM, 28:08.8; 10 Martin Mikkelsen, Utah, 28:14.2.Other CU Finishers: 18. Jackson Hill 29:07.3; 24. Andrew Potyk 29:43.7; 33. Max Scrimgeour 31:45.7; 34. Ian Boucher 32:16.0