There was one train of thought that the bleak, rain-wind-and-probably snow forecast for Friday's opening rounds of the Pac-12 Conference men's golf championship might at least be slightly advantageous to those teams accustomed to such conditions.

For Oregon and Washington, that proved to be the case. Unfortunately for the Colorado Buffaloes it proved to be an uneven day as the tournament hosts at the Boulder Country Club, with the Buffs finishing the first round in sixth-place.

Somewhat surprisingly, Friday's scheduled two rounds were nearly completed in full despite a half-hour frost delay at the day's start, another half hour weather delay early in the afternoon, and miserable conditions that worsened throughout the afternoon.

The last few holes of the second round as well as the third round remains set tentatively to begin Saturday morning at 10 a.m., but that will be reassessed by tournament organizers. At least three full rounds need to be completed before the tournament can be declared official.

"I'm pretty happy with how much golf we were able to play total," CU coach Roy Edwards said. "You really have to have a lot of mental toughness. There were three different wind conditions today, which is just kind of golf in Colorado in the spring time. You've got to stay in it. You can't get too high or too low. There are a lot of great bogeys in weather like this and not making them a worse score. That's a key in playing in weather like this."


While Oregon and Washington set the pace in the team standings through the first round, it was CU junior Yannik Paul who turned in the best round for the Buffs on Friday, carding a 1-over par 71 in the first round before conditions began to steadily worsen. Paul struggled in the second round, completing the day with a plus-six 76 as the winds grew stronger and the mist slowly morphed to sleet.

CU's Ethan Freeman also turned in a solid opening day, completing the first round with a 2-over-par 72 while sitting at even par with two holes still remaining in his second round.

Colorado’s Yannik Paul walks up to the first green on Friday at Boulder Country Club.
Colorado's Yannik Paul walks up to the first green on Friday at Boulder Country Club. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer)

"It was definitely tough out there but I like the challenges," Paul said. "The first round I played solid. Then the second round I just played so bad. It had nothing to do with the weather. It's just how it goes at the moment. We'll see if we can play (Saturday) but it was definitely my putting. Especially in that kind of weather you just need to make those 6-footers for the momentum, and I couldn't make one of them.

"That was kind of frustrating, but I'm trying to stay patient and hopefully have a couple good rounds coming in the next couple days."

Among players who completed both rounds, USC's Rico Hoey sits atop the leaderboard with an even-par 140 that was powered by a two-under 68 in the second round. Stanford's Franklin Huang is one shot behind the pace followed by Collin Morikawa from Cal.

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Pac-12 championships

Team scores

1.Oregon 354-(+12)—(+16)

2.Washington 355-(+14)—(+19)

3.Stanford 363-363—726 (+26)

T4.Southern California 366 365—731 (+31)

T4.California 367-364—731 (+31)

6.COLORADO 368-(+15)—(+33)

7.UCLA 363-(+22)—(+35)

8.Arizona State 362-(+24)—(+36)

9.Arizona 368-373—741 (+41)

10.Washington State 373-(+23)—(+46)

11.Oregon State 376-376—752 (+52)

12.Utah 379-377—756 (+56)


Rico Hoey, Southern California 72-68—140

Franklin Huang, Stanford 72-69—141

Collin Morikawa, California 74-68—142

Edwin Yi, Oregon 70-74—144

Spencer Painton, Colorado 73-72—145

*Brad Reeves, Arizona 72-73—145

*Blake Wagoner, Arizona State 77-68—145

Tyler Collier, UCLA 70-75—145

Cole Madey, UCLA 72-73—145

Walker Huddy, California 72-74—146

Finigan Tilly, California 73-73—146

David Laskin, Arizona 72-74—146

Ryan Gronland, Oregon 70-76—146

Kyosuka Hara, Oregon State 74-72—146

Jonah Texeira, Southern California 74-72—146

Frank Garber, Washington 72-74—146

Bradley Knox, Stanford 70-76—146

Brandon Wu, Stanford 76-71—147

Yannik Paul, Colorado 71-76—147

Norman Xiong, Oregon 72-75—147

Kevin Geniza, Oregon 73-74—147

Sean Yu, California 73-75—148

Cheng Jin, Southern California 75-73—148

Sean Crocker, Southern California 73-75—148

Maverick McNealy, Stanford 71-77—148

Corey Shaun, UCLA 73-75—148

Isaiah Salinda, Stanford 75-73—148

Viraat Badhwar, Stanford 75-74—149

Brian Mogg, Washington State 75-74—149

Patrick Murphy, UCLA 74-75—149

Jordan Gumberg, Arizona 71-78—149

Sulman Raza, Oregon 79-70—149

Ethan Marcus, Arizona 77-73—150

Jino Sohn, Arizona State 73-77—150

Tanner Hughes, California 75-75—150

John Souza, Colorado 75-75—150

Justin Suh, Southern California 72-78—150

Phil Delisi, UCLA 76-74—150

Grant Cole, Washington State 74-76—150

Peyton Hastings, Utah 74-77—151

Wilson Belk, Colorado 79-72—151

George Cunningham, Arizona 76-75—151

Trevor Yu, Oregon State 77-74—151

Jonas Liebich, Oregon State 78-73—151

Jordan Costello, Utah 75-77—152

William Aldred, California 78-74—152

Tobias Eden, Arizona State 73-80—153

Victor Bjorlow, Colorado 77-76—153

Daniel List, Washington 72-81—153

Nathan Wunderli, Utah 77-76—153

Mitchell Schow, Utah 79-74—153

Gentry Hicks, Utah 80-73—153

Kevin Murphy, Oregon State 75-78—153

Shawn Lu, Oregon State 72-82—154

Andrew Levitt, Southern California 78-77—155

Nick Mandell, Washington State 77-78—155

Kyler Dunkle, Utah 74-81—155

Kevin Kwon, Washington 79-78—157

Dylan Stein, Arizona 80-79—159

Calum Hill, Oregon State 80-79—159