Victor Bjorlow may be a freshman on the University of Colorado men's golf team, but his urgency to improve and drive to win tournaments reflects that of an upperclassman.

Bjorlow, who is from Sotogrande, Spain, chose to play for CU for many reasons, but one aspect that he liked is the competitive nature of the Pac-12, which he believes will drive him to be a better golfer.

"When I was looking into schools, I wanted to go to a good Division I program," Bjorlow said."Since CU plays in the Pac-12, I knew we would always be playing with really good players, which is the way I think you will improve the most — seeing players that are better than you and then learning from that."

Bjorlow is quickly becoming the "really good player" he describes, winning the Colorado Mines-Bob Writz Invitational this past weekend. This accomplishment also was significant because Bjorlow is only the third freshman in CU men's golf history to win a tournament of at least 36 holes.

"Victor's got a chance to be a spectacular player," CU head coach Roy Edwards said. "He's got a lot of physical talent. He's a hard worker, and he's just really at the beginning of how good he could be. He's got a chance to be a special player, and I think it's going to start happening for him in the very near future."


Though Bjorlow does not feel like he has played to his potential in his first year at CU, it is worth noting that the transition to competing collegiately is no easy feat. From managing coursework, to getting used to an entire new team and coaching staff, the first year is often a time of transition and development, and coming from another country can add on to this list of challenges.

"It's been tough being so far away from home," Bjorlow said."Learning new people, learning the altitude here and how much further you hit the ball, and having a new coach are all things I'm getting used to, but it's slowly getting better."

Yet Bjorlow has not let these challenges get in the way of improving as an athlete, or making his mark on the Colorado golf team, whether through his talent as an athlete, or character.

"Victor is one of the nicest people I've ever met," Edwards said. "The other players' success is very important to him as well. The players have a lot of respect for him — not just for his golf, but because of how nice of a person he is, and that helps the program."

Bjorlow hopes to build on his win last weekend, and become a more consistent golfer throughout his time with Colorado.

"I want to be constantly on the top of the leaderboards," Bjorlow said. "What I strive for is to get into positions where I have an opportunity to win."

Bjorlow and the rest of the CU men's golf team will continue their pursuit to take home titles at Stanford's Goodwin tournament, starting Thursday.