For the past two seasons, Josh Scott has been the Colorado men's basketball team's driving force on both offense and defense, aspects in a singular player that will be hard to replace next year.

With CU heading to Des Moines, Iowa, for the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, caught up with Scott to reflect on his career as a Buffalo.

BuffZone: You obviously battled a lot of adversity throughout your career at Colorado, especially last year. How did you grow with the back injury last year and the ankle injury this year?

Scott: It just makes you appreciate the time you have playing the sport you love as much as possible. It's fun just being out there, you love what you're doing. It's rough and there's some adversity hitting, but I'm really just talking about my time playing.

BuffZone: How much did it increase your love for the game knowing that you couldn't play for a few games? How much did that make you want to get back?

Scott: I don't think it increased my love for the game, but it adds some perspective. I think a lot of the time, us as players take our health for granted sometimes. It was kind of a little wake-up call that, you know, eventually 10 years from now, your body's going to say "No more." Actually. hopefully. it's more than 10 years, but eventually, your body is going to fall in times of defeat.

BuffZone: Looking back at your four years here, are you pretty happy with your career or do you think there are things you could have improved on?


Scott: I'm very happy. I think I'm not happy with my junior year, obviously, no one was. But the body of work, I just said it earlier, not a lot of CU players maybe outside of this modern, six-year stint can say they've been to three NCAA Tournaments in their career, so I feel good about that.

BuffZone: What do you think is the best moment of your career?

Scott: You know, I can always say like (the 2013 upset of )Kansas, this year's game against Arizona, I could say any of that. But for me, my favorite part of my career has been just hanging out with my teammates, building relationships that I've made, all the behind-the-scenes locker room road trips, all the little stuff.

BuffZone: Do you have any plans for the NBA after this, or are you not looking at that at this point in time?

Scott: Yep. Obviously, that's my dream, but right now I'm just worried about Colorado.

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