AIR FORCE ACADEMY — Air Force fullback Broam Hart and other athletes at the academy have created a video to deal with sexual harassment and assault.

"It's definitely a problem everywhere," Hart said in explaining why the video was done. "We all felt that we could step up and make a difference."

Twelve athletes appear on the video.

"I was picked because of my position as a leader on the football team," Hart said.

Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh credits the cadets for coming up with the idea and trying to address the problem.

"The president of the United States has put a stake in the ground and said enough is enough with this sexual-assault problem," Mueh said. "It's an ugly problem and the most unreported crime in the country. My hat's off to the total initiative by our cadets. I know the cadet wing is equally proud of their classmates who put this together.

"It started with the athletes. They all have natural leadership qualities, because they are athletes. There's a certain aura with our athletes who perform at the NCAA level. There's name recognition."


Athletes who join Hart on the video include Ryan Timar of ice hockey, Stephen Bittner of boxing, Brian Klazura of men's soccer, Charlie Perkins of men's track, Annette Eichenberger of women's track, Jimi Blagowsky of women's basketball, Justin Hammonds of men's basketball, Maggie Sherrill of volleyball, Kaleigh Moses of women's soccer, Anastasia Hueffner of women's tennis and Linnaea Hance of women's gymnastics.

The video has made its rounds at the academy and is due for a showing at the Pentagon and to the prestigious Board of Visitors in Washington.

In their message, the participants ask viewers to pledge support to combat the problem.

Hart said being a leader goes with the territory at the academy. He does his share, being on the leadership council for the football team, and this summer he'll be a team leader for a survival training program.

"We do more than just a video," he said. "We're involved in community work all the time. We do a lot of good things that people don't hear about."

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