A new edition of the Associated Press top 25 poll is due out Monday. Earlier than usual, I've got my ballot here for you.

Other than Wisconsin (which lost twice last week) dropping, the top end of my ballot is nearly identical to last week. The top 3 remained intact.

The teams with the most impressive weeks, in my opinion, come from the Sunflower State.

I moved Kansas from No. 15 to No. 8. The Jayhawks beat TWO top-10 teams last week, at No. 8 Iowa State and vs. No. 9 Oklahoma State. KU has three consecutive wins against teams currently in the Top 25.

Kansas State had a good week, too. I moved the Wildcats from just outside my Top 25 (I had them No. 27 last week) up to No. 19 this week. That's a huge jump, largely attributed to the fact that several teams ahead of them lost games. But, K-State also beat No. 25 Oklahoma and knocked off a solid West Virginia team to improve to 11-1 over its last 12 games.

I also moved Pittsburgh into my top 25 (I had them 26 last week) despite losing to Syracuse. Like K-State, the Panthers benefited from a lot of losses ahead of them, and I don't like moving teams up after losing, but they were impressive in a road loss against one of the best teams in the country. I think Pitt is better than I've been giving it credit for this season.

Worst weeks? Gotta be Ohio State and Iowa State. Ohio State has lost three in a row after a 15-0 start. Iowa State has lost three in a row after a 14-0 start.


As for Colorado, I left the Buffs on the ballot, barely, at No. 25. Obviously a very tough week, losing Spencer Dinwiddie and then losing at home to UCLA. But, I still believe that when the Buffs get some time to adjust without Dinwiddie, they'll be OK. And, honestly, a few key losses - notably Creighton against Providence and UConn against Louisville - kept the Buffs in my Top 25.

My ballot:

1. Arizona
2. Syracuse
3. Michigan State
4. Wichita State
5. Villanova
6. Florida
7. San Diego State
8. Kansas
9. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma State
11. Massachusetts
12. Iowa
13. Cincinnati
14. Kentucky
15. Louisville
16. Duke
17. Ohio State
18. Iowa State
19. Kansas State
20. Pittsburgh
21. Oklahoma
22. Baylor
23. Memphis
24. UCLA
25. Colorado