For the first time in over a year, the Colorado men's basketball team is a part of the Associated Press Top 25 rankings. About time the country caught up, huh?

Perhaps a bit biased since I see the Buffs (9-1) nearly every day, I had them in my Top 25 to start the season and they've been there all year long.

When I turned in my ballot to the AP on Sunday night, I gave the Buffs their highest rankings - from me, at least - of the season, at No. 18. That was nowhere near the ceiling for CU, though. Fifteen of the 65 voters had the Buffs higher than I did, including two putting the Buffs at No.7 and one at No. 10.

That's what happens when you beat a perennial power like Kansas.

Of course, the Buffs haven't won everybody over. Fourteen of the 65 voters did not include the Buffs on their ballot this week. In theory, I don't have a problem with that, if a voter just simply isn't impressed enough with Kansas or anybody else the Buffs have defeated. However, six of the 14 still think KU is a top-10 team and 12 of the 14 still have the Jayhawks in the top 14. Even more odd is the ballot that has KU at No. 11, Harvard at No. 23 and CU nowhere to be found. Harvard's only loss came against the Buffs.

Nevertheless, that's what makes the polls great. Everybody's got an opinion and it lends itself to a whole lot of debate. In the end, I think the Buffs landed where they should have landed. So, with that, here's the ballot I turned in to the AP on Sunday night:

1. Arizona
2. Syracuse
3. Ohio State
4. Louisville
5. Michigan State
6. Connecticut
7. Wisconsin
8. Baylor
9. Duke
10. Kentucky
11. Oklahoma State
12. Wichita State
13. Memphis
14. Villanova
15. Kansas
16. Oregon
17. Iowa State
18. Colorado
19. Massachusetts
20. North Carolina
21. Florida
22. Missouri
23. VCU
24. Gonzaga
25. UCLA