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Updated: September 07, 2012 11:43:26 PM MDT
Question: Outside of Jon Major, Doug Rippy, and Derrick Webb what linebacker do you peg to get the most snaps this season?  Full Story
Editor's note: Every Friday Buffzone.com's writers will answer your questions about the University of Colorado athletic programs.  Full Story
Basketball questions dominate this week's mailbag with a few football items mixed in. Enjoy.   Full Story
This week we tackle the absurd, a question about injured defensive backs and whether the starters at place kicker and punter are a foregone conclusion for the Buffs in 2012.  Full Story
This week we tackle questions about former Kansas quarterback Jordan Webb transferring to CU, which side of the ball is having a better spring and what CU player's jersey Kyle would wear if attending a Buffs' game as a fan.  Full Story
In this edition, Ryan finally gets a few basketball questions. Come on people. It is March. And Kyle tackles more of your football inquiries on the eve of spring ball.  Full Story
In this edition we tackle the new kickoff rules, CU's problems with offensive line recruiting, coach Embree's desire to be a mentor to his players and more.  Full Story
The Colorado men's basketball team is trying to finish the season strong and maybe steal the conference tournament and a bid to March Madness.  Full Story
You've got questions. We've got answers here every Friday in the Buffzone mailbag. Question: Its going to be a long wait with an undermanned spring team until the 2012 class arrives for fall ball !  Full Story
Signing day came and went and the Buffs landed a top 35 class despite a 3-10 record. Tad Boyle and Linda Lappe received contract extensions and made it official by announcing it's starting a women's lacrosse program.  Full Story
Colorado's basketball teams are midway through the Pac-12 Conference schedule and football coach Jon Embree is days away from signing the first recruiting class he has had an entire year to assemble. Lots of stuff happening on the hill. Thanks for participating in this week's Buffzone mailbag.  Full Story
Signing day is less than two weeks away and spring football and March Madness aren't that far off either.  Full Story
Kyle Ringo answers your questions about CU sports this week.  Full Story
Cliff Grassmick
Our staff answers your questions about the CU athletic department.  Full Story
Buffzone.com would like to thank all of our readers for your regular visits to our site and making 2011 a great year. We would also like to encourage more of you to submit questions for each Friday's mailbag. If our beat writers can't answer them off the tops of their heads, they will do their best to get them answered when you visit each Friday afternoon. Happy Holidays to everyone.  Full Story
Kyle answers your questions about CU football.  Full Story
Cliff Grassmick
Question: What is the story on Brenna Malcolm-Peck. She has not been in attendance on the bench for Regis or Northern Arizona hme games.  Full Story
Kyle Ringo and Ryan Thorburn answer your questions about the Buffs.  Full Story
Kyle Ringo answers your weekly questions in the Buffzone Mailbag. This week he tackles Rodney Stewart vs. Josh Ford, the South Campus site and more.  Full Story
We're answering a bonus question tonight because signing day is next Wednesday. Thanks to Ryan Thorburn for the quick response.  Full Story
Answers to some questions I've received from readers recently via e-mail:  Full Story
Is power shifting from the Big 12 South to the North? Also, more on the Oklahoma win.  Full Story
Kyle Ringo gets your questions about CU sports answered. If you asked a question this week, your answer is here.  Full Story
Camera Sports Writer Kyle Ringo answers your questions about CU football.   Full Story