Colorado football coach Mike MacIntyre said there will be some open practices for Buffs' fans to attend next month during training camp but he hasn't determined how many and  when they will be. 

When MacIntyre came to CU between the 2012 and 2013 seasons he said he wanted to keep all or most practices open to CU fans and he held to that policy through much of his first season, but he closed the majority of practices last season and again this spring. He did have a handful of practices open during camp last August. 

“I got burned," MacIntyre said Thursday explaining his change in policy. "Last fall camp I did it more, but I also got burned off that. I know for a fact, but I definitely want to do it.”

MacIntyre did not elaborate on how he got burned or who he thought was to blame. He said he still desires an atmosphere around his practices that welcomes CU fans, especially parents who might want to bring kids to practices but he has come to the realization that is might not be possible to do that in this era with so many new and different forms of technology. 

“There is just so much more means of getting stuff now, but I definitely want families involved," MacIntyre said.


"Some people just close them down completely. I don’t want to do that. So I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to organize my practices.”

There shouldn't be much criticism of MacIntyre for keeping practices closed. Since he was hired, the vast majority of practices that were open to the public attracted only a few dozen fans. Generally speaking, only weekend morning practices in August attract larger crowds.