One of the few mistakes Rick George has made so far in his time as CU's athletic director was not being more conservative in budgeting when it came to football ticket sales heading into last season. 

Another disappointing season on the field led to the department coming in approximately $1 million short of projections when the season was over. That forced George to tighten belts around the department the rest of the year in order to finish the fiscal year last week with a small surplus. 

George said CU won't get into similar trouble again this year because the department was cautious and conservative when preparing the 2015-16 budget. George expects improvement in the win column from coach Mike MacIntyre's team and he has a strong home schedule to sell with Oregon, Stanford, Arizona and USC coming to town in Pac-12 play. 

George is hoping to be talking about having a little more money than expected in December this year instead of another set of disappointing ticket sales figures. Needless to say, if the football program disappoints again when it comes to ticket sales, something has gone dreadfully wrong.