I asked Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn  about the challenge of fundraising at CU not long after he was hired back in 2005. In his usual optimistic way, Bohn downplayed the mountain he needed to climb except when it came to one particular issue.

Bohn noted how it was awkward being responsible for raising money for the athletic department but not having full authority to direct those efforts and hire and fire the people he thought could best help him achieve his goals. CU has coordinated its fundraising efforts over the years between school officials and employees for the CU Foundation. But by organizing in this way, Bohn and other administrators like him don't always have the final say who is out there beating the streets for money, not to mention review and oversight of those fundraisers.

It only took the university eight years, but it is finally changing that practice; by bringing foundation employees under the school umbrella and the direction of school supervisors such as Bohn.

President Bruce Benson and Chancellor Phil DiStefano want to double fundraising in the coming years and the CU athletic department needs to do much better than that if it's going to have any chance of completing some of the athletics facilities projects it is planning, and some it is still conceiving.

This is a good move by the school and one I'm sure will make Bohn happy.


It's also one that puts some pressure back on those administrators, including Bohn, to get the job done.

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