Say this for Connor Wood: After his first and mostly disastrous start at quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, the sophomore transfer from Texas was unflinchingly adamant about shouldering the blame.

Anything that could go wrong pretty much did go wrong for Wood during his starting debut Saturday against Washington. Wood managed only six pass attempts in not quite a quarter and a half, and while the lack of pass protection and receivers that were unable to get open all played roles in yet another dismal offensive performance for the Buffs in a 38-3 loss, Wood wasn't shy about accepting his share of the responsibility.

"Going into it, I felt like the guys were behind me and I was feeling good about myself," Wood said. "I didn't do well enough with what I had. I can say from a personal perspective that I didn't do well enough when I had those opportunities."

Wood managed to go only 3 for 6 with two interceptions, making an ill-advised throw off his heels under heavy pressure midway through the first quarter for his first interception and leading wideout Tyler McCulloch too far inside on a slant-and-go that allowed Washington free safety Sean Parker to roam over to make another pick early in the second.

That play signaled the end of Wood's day, as head coach Jon Embree replaced him on the next series with Jordan Webb. Yet although he didn't throw any interceptions, Webb hardly fared any better, going 6 for 16 for just 33 yards.


"Every time I get a chance, I need to do well with it," Wood said. "I'm not helping the coaches out with that decision, honestly speaking. The only thing I can do is get better and find ways to do it.

"You can't put it on one position. I think everyone had a hand in it, and that includes me for sure. I have to throw the ball better. I have to be better about my decision-making and my throws."

However what plagued CU's quarterbacks against Washington, like during much of this lost season, were the team's protection issues and the lack of a go-to guy among the receiving corps. The longest reception of the day by any CU receiver was just 10 yards. Wood and Webb were sacked a combined five times, with Webb suffering four of those hits. CU went just 2 for 14 on conversion attempts on third and fourth down.

"They were bringing a lot of pressure, and I think we weren't picking up their blitzes very good," tight end Nick Kasa said. "(Wood) just didn't have time. There were times he did have time and he just didn't put the throws where they needed to be. But that's not on him. We need to make plays."

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