Recruiting is blowing up for Moraga, Calif.'s Tyler Petite. Rightfully so: The 6-foot-5, 225-pound tight end with a 4.59 40-yard dash time has a lot to offer college football programs.

Petite will likely play in the Pac-12 at the next level and Colorado has shown its interest in the junior from Campolindo High School with a scholarship offer. He took time at the Los Angeles airport on Friday to talk with BuffZone about his recruitment.

"Actually I'm in L.A.; I'm going to visit USC and hang out with the coaches down there and then go to Disney Land," he said.

Petite received two Pac-12 offers on Thursday - from Colorado and Cal - and holds offers from Arizona State and Northwestern.

Tyler Petite
Tyler Petite

"Yesterday morning, I called coach [Klayton] Adams and talked with coach [Mike] MacIntyre, and then he gave me the offer," he said about receiving the CU offer.

The Buffs' offer meant a lot to Petite, who formerly lived in the Centennial State and is a fan of Boulder.

"Great -- I mean any school that offers me, I'm going to feel good about it. I used to live in Colorado and I know some people that go there," Petite said. "One of my best buddies wants to go there. So it's definitely a big offer knowing what the school environment is like."

Petite lived in Colorado for just one year, but it was impressionable.

"I lived outside of Denver in Cherry Hills Village. We moved there my eighth-grade year and we moved back to California going into my ninth-grade year," he said.


Colorado has been recruiting the 2015 tight end for some time. Petite accounted for 24 receptions for 495 yards and nine touchdowns as a junior, according to

MacIntyre and CU's recruiting staff has liked what it's seen.

"He [MacIntyre] came out ... I want to say it was during football season. It was way before this all started blowing up. Him and coach Adams came out and you know just wanted to eyeball me a little bit, see what they had to work with I guess," Petite said.

"Then we really didn't have contact for a little while and then coach Adams messaged me again, we talked on the phone and the next day, called me back up and that's when the offer came in."

Petite believes he is a natural tight end with a diverse game that translates well to the college level.

"I love it. For me it's kind of a game-planning nightmare for coaches, especially in high school. I take pride in not only being able to run a good, but block well," he said.

"Coaches, when they're watching film on us, they don't know. We can be in a certain formation where we can run or pass. It's something that's really difficult to game plan and that's why tight ends are such a threat and that's why I fit well at the position."

Petite grew up around Cal football, but he's open to any offer, be it in-state or out-of-state.

"I've definitely thought about it; obviously growing up in the Pac-12 that would be great to be able to say in the West or stay within the Pac-12. When it comes to in-state, out-of-state, I'm not too picky about it," he said.

"Basically, my thought process is anywhere that's offering me a scholarship I have an open mind to. If they're taking the time to offer me a scholarship and recruit me, I should be able to look into it and see what they have to offer," Petite said.

Petite likes NFL tight ends Coby Fleener and Rob Gronkowski, but he's working to be his own player.

"I try to be my own player, I guess. I know it's sort of cliché. I have my own skill sets that make me a great player. ... I can bring something a lot of people can't, that's why I can be an asset to a lot of college teams. Of course the use of the tight end is sky rocketing now."

Petite plans to visit numerous schools and see what they have to offer before he makes a decision. The secret is out on the Campolindo tight end and recruiting buzz is building.

"It's pretty ridiculous. ... all this Twitter stuff," Petite said with a laugh. "I've pretty much only made a Twitter for football recruiting purposes. ... Just from my flight, I gained 50 followers from the time I got on the plane to the time I got off."

As scholarship offers continue to flow in, so will social media followers, and it's only going to get crazier.

"That's what everyone's telling me, but everyone's saying to enjoy it," he said.

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