Chris Petersen, like every college football coach, knows players love the idea of new uniforms. But Wednesday, the new Washington coach put that theory to the test with the Huskies.

Check out this video of Petersen playing an April Fools Joke on his players with some "new" uniforms, that walk to line between they could be real and there's a "W" where?!?

Clowney Pro Day today

Jadeveon Clowney's Pro Day is taking place today in Columbia, S.C. is following the action here, if you're interested. Not sure it can live up to the circus that Johnny Manziel's Pro Day was (a former President, First Lady and their dogs are hard to compete with), but it should be worth following.

Speaking of Johnny Football, is reporting that he'll meet with the New England Patriots today.

McDowell headed to Michigan State

Malik McDowell finally got the signature he needed.


The defensive end, a five-star recruit out of Detroit, had committed to Michigan State on signing day, but his parents refused to sign his letter of intent. NCAA rules require that signature for anyone under the age of 21.

The SportsXchange has more details on McDowell finally becoming a Spartan.