Nearly five months after new state legislation went into effect to allow the University of Colorado athletic department to offer more multi-year contracts to coaches, the Buffaloes are still finalizing those contracts.

Contracts for football assistants and coaches in other sports could be presented to the Board of Regents for approval at their meeting in Denver on Feb. 8-9.

"We're talking to the coaches now about the contracts," CU athletic director Rick George said. "(The February regents meeting) is when we would bring contracts forward at that time, which is perfect timing because it's right after signing day."

With men's and women's basketball being in season, the contracts for those coaches are likely to be handled at a later date, but coaches in most other sports could be in line for contracts in February.

Not every coach will get a contract, but the new legislation will allow the Buffs to give security to several long-time head coaches, such as cross country/track coach Mark Wetmore, skiing coach Richard Rokos, golf coaches Anne Kelly and Roy Edwards and soccer coach Danny Sanchez.

"It'll kind of set the base and the standard and we'll figure it out from there, but I feel pretty good about the direction we're going and what we're doing and being able to take care of some coaches," George said. "It's basically us saying we're committed to you and I think that's a good statement."

Prior to the legislation that was passed last year, only six multi-year contracts could be used among the entire CU campus staff.


Five of those went to George, head football coach Mike MacIntyre, head men's basketball coach Tad Boyle, head women's basketball coach JR Payne and head volleyball coach Jesse Mahoney. Football defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot is the only assistant coach with a current contract.

Aside from Eliot, CU will have nine other football assistants and George said, "I would say it's fair to say they're likely to all get contracts."

The total salary pool for CU football assistants topped $3 million for the first time this past year. The pool will increase because beginning Jan. 9, teams will be allowed to add a 10th assistant. Aside from that addition, however, George said he doesn't anticipate the salary pool for the other nine to increase much.

"I think it'll be more flat than anything," he said. "We gave some pretty good raises after last year, so I think it'll be pretty consistent with where we were."

One contract the regents won't discuss next month is that of MacIntyre.

In June, regents approved an extension that would pay MacIntyre at least $14.85 million through the 2021 season. Written into that deal was an annual one-year extension, unless either party — MacIntyre or CU — provided written notice to the other by Dec. 31 of an intention not to extend the contract.

Because the extension was finalized just six months ago, George said, "We've had the conversation and we're not going to roll it over this year."

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