As he slowly walked away from the locker room at the Rose Bowl late Saturday night, Colorado safety Afolabi Laguda looked and sounded miserable.

The pain of the 27-23 loss to UCLA had a lot to do with it, but the hit he unnecessarily took in the third quarter was still being felt.

Laguda didn't feel much better on Monday.

"He's like he's been in a car wreck," head coach Mike MacIntyre said. "He's really, really sore and beat up and wasn't able to practice today. Hopefully he'll be able to play (Saturday against Arizona)."

MacIntyre was justifiably upset about the hit on Laguda and said UCLA receiver Jordan Lasley should have been ejected from the game.

"(Laguda) took a very vicious, illegal, malicious hit," MacIntyre said. "I think those guys on those situations should be thrown out of the game. That's as much as targeting is and put him out of the game. To me that's a lot more vicious than a lot of targeting calls kids are getting thrown out of the game for."

On CU's first defensive snap of the third quarter, safety Ryan Moeller tackled UCLA's Austin Roberts after a 30-yard pass. About 5 yards from the play, Laguda slowed down, but Lasley kept going, lowered his shoulder and blindsided Laguda, who went down and immediately grabbed his left hip area.

After being down for a few minutes, Laguda was helped off the field by trainers.


Lasley was given a 15-yard personal foul penalty, but MacIntyre felt that should be a play that falls under the targeting umbrella.

"Some of the targeting calls, they're not meaning to hit the guy (in the head)," MacIntyre said. "They need to look at that as a rule. That (hit on Laguda) was truly intent. I think there's a difference."

Laguda has been ejected for targeting three times in his career - once in each of the last three seasons. It's a rule that continues to evolve and MacIntyre hopes it will be modified more.

"I think it should still be evolving and it keeps evolving and it's a very good rule," he said."I'm not against the rule; I'm just against how we sometimes enforce it.

"(Lasley) should have been thrown out of the football game. And, if our kids would have done one of those things, he should have been thrown out of the football game."

Laguda did return to the field late in the third quarter and finished the game.

"I didn't want to let my team down," he said.

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