Much has been made this week about the three offensive pass interference penalties called against Colorado State last Friday in Colorado's 17-3 victory against the Rams.

Were they legitimate penalties or not? That's been the debate between fans all week.

CU cornerback Isaiah Oliver, who benefitted from one of those calls against the Rams, said he believes the penalties were legit, but added that's the case for a lot of pass plays.

"(Pass interference) could be called 90 percent of the time, I would say," Oliver said. "There's a lot of hand fighting, always, on fade balls or comebacks from receivers and (defensive backs). It just comes down the ref's judgment at the end of the day.

"You could go back through probably every single fade ball of last year and you could say, 'That's offensive pass interference, or that's defensive pass interference.' Sometimes it doesn't get called."

Oliver said he's never seen three offensive pass interference penalties called in one game. One of them took a CSU touchdown off the board, while two others wiped out big plays that would have put the Rams in scoring position.

The nature of pass interference — and the fact that it does come down to a referee's judgment — makes playing receiver and defensive back difficult from week to week, Oliver said.


"It's all going to be a surprise," he said. "Something you did in the first week, you might have been able to fight with him the whole way down without getting called, but you come out the next week and first play of the game you do that, now it's a 15-yard penalty.

"You just have to go for it and keep on playing the same way. Sometimes it's going to get called and sometimes not."

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