The players Klayton Adams will now coach are bigger and don't move as well as the ones he's coached in the past.

His style and preparation won't change, though.

On Saturday, Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre announced that Darian Hagan has been added to the coaching staff as a running backs coach. With that, it shifted the duties of Adams and Gary Bernardi.

Adams, who has coached the running backs and tight ends the past three years, will now coach the offensive line. Bernardi shifts from the line to tight ends and fullbacks.

"When you're asked to do a job, you have to be who you are," Adams said. "Your personality kind of dictates your coaching style. I don't think the way that I teach or the way that I coach would ever change just because of a responsibility change.

"I want to try to make sure I'm doing as good a job as I can and I'm totally prepared for it."

While it will be a change for Adams, coaching the offensive line is not going to be foreign to him.

Adams played center at Boise State — under former CU coach Dan Hawkins — from 2003-04 and earned second-team All-WAC honors.

From 2007-08, he coached the offensive line at Western Washington, and then coached linemen at Sacramento State from 2009-10. He coached tight ends for two years for MacIntyre at San Jose State before coming to Boulder.

"Every place you go, the job is different regardless of what position you're coaching," he said. "I've done it before and obviously it's going to be different than what I've been doing, but I guess we won't be able to really say if it's a better fit or not until I've been doing it for a while here."


CU had been short-handed on the coaching staff since mid-December, when special teams coordinator Toby Neinas resigned. MacIntyre was slow to replace Neinas, and it wasn't until Friday morning that anybody on the staff knew his plans for that spot.

"I think coach MacIntyre likes to take his time and think about these things," Adams said. "He took his time to figure out exactly what he thought was best. He doesn't really include a lot of people in that process, which is fine. Up until (Friday), I was doing what I knew my job was as hard as I could."

Now he'll get working on his new duties of coaching CU's offensive line.

"I'm excited that we've got a good team coming back and I'm excited to get started here in the spring," he said. "Outside of that, I'm just kind of preparing and trying to make myself the best fit for what I'm asked to do as I can."

Bernardi is the only offensive line coach MacIntyre has had in his six seasons as a head coach. In fact, Bernardi has coached offensive linemen for all but one of his 35 years as a coach, and he's coached the line every year since 1986.

While Bernardi has spent most of his career coaching linemen, he has more than 25 years of experience working with tight ends.

MacIntyre has not said how the Buffs will go about coaching special teams, but it's believed it'll be done by committee. Defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt, co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini and Bernardi have all coached special teams during their careers.

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