Ralphie at 50
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CU Boulder celebrates 50 years of running with Ralphie

Colorado's legendary mascot has been leading team on the field for five decades
On Saturday, CU will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ralphie program. While Ralphie I did actually run for the first time in 1966, there is no evidence of her leading the team onto the field until 1967 — the first year the program was endorsed by the university. 
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A 'crazy idea' that became a tradition
10/28/2017 - It was 1965, and the University of Colorado had been known as the Buffaloes for more than 30 years, but didn't actually have a live buffalo as a mascot. Full Story

Current, former players love chance to run with Ralphie
10/28/2017 - For the past 50 years, CU players have started (almost) every game at Folsom Field by running onto the turf behind the beloved mascot. Including bowl games and a few others on the road, five different Ralphies have led the Buffs to the field 332 times over the years. The current Buffs don't take the opportunity for granted.  Full Story

Ralphie has been known to strike fear in players, coaches
10/28/2017 - Several players, coaches talk about their first encounter with Ralphie.  Full Story

CU Boulder's Ralphie dominates live-mascot ranking
10/28/2017 - Colorado Buffaloes fans already know that, of course. There are few sights as unique in college football as Ralphie barreling across Folsom Field with her handlers in tow and a fired-up football team hitting the turf behind her. Full Story

Ralphie handlers part of long, 'amazing tradition' at CU Boulder
10/28/2017 - University of Colorado junior Dylan Bernstein is a member of an elite club, one of only about 250 CU students who have run with the university's iconic live buffalo mascot, Ralphie. Full Story

For CU Boulder's Ralphie mascot, a low-key life with occasional public cameos
10/28/2017 - A few months ago, a pair of University of Colorado graduates and boosters invited friends and family members to Boulder for what was a very CU-centric wedding. Full Story

When Ralphie V roamed free: The CU Boulder mascot's memorable 2008 debut
10/28/2017 - In 2008, the players weren't the only ones making their big debuts. That game marked the first appearance of Ralphie V, the latest in a line of buffaloes that have carried the CU-spangled saddle blanket through Folsom Field. Full Story

How does Ralphie — CU's 1,200-pound buffalo — hit the road?
10/28/2017 - John Graves, program manager for the Ralphie Live Mascot Program, is captain of the ship — er, truck and trailer — when it's time to load up the 1,200-pound buffalo and hit the road. Full Story

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