In the past few years, Colorado's athletic department has gone through significant facilities upgrades.

The Champions Center and indoor practice facility were the biggest of those upgrades, of course, but CU also renovated the Dal Ward Center and installed new video boards and a sound system in CU Events Center.

Much more needs to be done, but athletic director Rick George said it will be a long-term process.

"I see it as a 10-year vision on all the things we need to do," George said. "It really depends on what we can afford and what we can fund. It just takes money."

The conversation of more upgrades often begins with the west side of Folsom Field and Balch Fieldhouse. Both are outdated and need significant work.

"We really need to fix the west side of the stadium; we need seating, we need bathrooms; we need more functional space," George said.

George added that there are issues with the existing infrastructure, with old steel that is eroding. There is currently some fixing of expansion joints being done. There's also some general maintenance that needs to be done.

The list of projects on the wish list doesn't stop there, however. That list includes:

• Upgrades to the bowl in CU Events Center.

• Upgrade of the women's volleyball locker room.

• Better locker room facilities for women's lacrosse.

• A permanent lacrosse-only field or stadium.

• Lights at Prentup Field for the soccer team.


"There's a lot of projects that we have; there's a lot of things we need," George said. "This facility (the Champions Center) was phenomenal; it's been great. It's doing everything we thought it would and then some. But, we're just starting the process.

"There's a lot we have to do over the next 10 years, but it requires money and it requires resources."

Donors and alumni investing into the program are essential to CU's long-term success. George and associate athletic director Ben Broussard, who oversees all aspects of the Buff Club, are working diligently to keep the capital money flowing into CU.

"We have to keep those dollars coming in, and we will," said Broussard, who was hired in October.

Broussard said one of his goals is to revisit those who donated five years ago for the $170 million project that included the Champions Center and indoor facility.

"A lot of people that made commitments to this building five years ago, their pledges are starting to run off," Broussard said. "So there's some people you can revisit with.

"(Upgrading the west side of Folsom Field), it gives us an opportunity to re-engage in some talks on a structure that's not there and keep putting dollars into it."

For now, however, CU's fund raising efforts have shifted to some more immediate needs for the student-athletes. The Buffs are trying to raise funds to boost their mental health department; student-athlete nutrition; and leadership and career development.

"We've moved on to some other projects that are less bricks and sticks and more programmatic," Broussard said. "It's making a big difference."

Renewal rate down

As of Wednesday, CU had about an 82-percent renewal rate for football season tickets.

Although the athletic department believes that number will climb before the season, it's a significant drop from last year. A year ago, the Buffs were coming off a 10-4 season and Pac-12 South title and by June 1, their renewal rate was 96 percent.

Two years ago, they wound up with a renewal rate of 93 percent.

Last year, CU sold 20,808 season tickets (not counting student tickets), but after going 5-7 and finishing last in the Pac-12 South for the sixth time in seven years, only about 16,800 season tickets have been renewed.

For the third year in a row, CU has sold out all of its Champions Club tickets and less than 40 seats are available for season tickets in the Touchdown Club, a better rate than at this time last year.

CU's three-game flex plans will go on sale June 4. Single-game tickets will go on sale to the public on June 25.

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