Josh Scott has had a lot of big games for the Colorado men's basketball team.

During the first 29 minutes on Sunday, he wasn't on his way to another one.

The last 11 minutes, however, might have been the most impressive 11 minutes he has played all season.

Scott's dominance in the paint on offense and defense was a big reason the Buffs rallied for a 70-62 win against Harvard at home.

Heading into the final 11 minutes, the Buffs trailed 50-41. At that time, Scott had just four points and three rebounds.

"First half, I was plagued by a couple of fouls, and I got a quick early one (in the second half)," he said. "It's hard to get rhythm when you're in foul trouble."

He found his rhythm late, though. He had eight points, eight rebounds and two blocks in the final 11 minutes to finish with an impressive line of 12 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks.

"I wasn't scoring, I wasn't exactly blocking shots, so I figured I'd play defense and rebound," he said. "Shots came afterward and I shot well from the free throw line."

After CU fell behind 50-41, Scott posted three offensive rebounds during a stretch of 2 minutes, 19 seconds. Those three boards led to him scoring five points, pulling CU within 52-48.

Then, Scott got defensive.

He grabbed a defensive rebound that led to a Spencer Dinwiddie jumper to cut the Harvard lead to 52-20.


Then, Scott blocked a Harvard shot, grabbed the rebound and got the ball down court for a Xavier Johnson 3-pointer. On Harvard's next possession, Scott snagged another rebound, leading to another 3 by Johnson. Scott grabbed yet another board on the next possession, too, and CU converted that with a 3 by Dinwiddie.

"I wasn't in foul trouble," he said of why he played so well late. "I just came in and just played hard when I got my time in."

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