Earlier today, the latest Associated Press men's basketball Top 25 poll was released. I am a voter this year and will post my ballot each week.

I've got a new No. 1 team on my ballot, which is also the new No. 1 overall, Michigan State. I've had Louisville there since the preseason, but Michigan State's win against No. 1 Kentucky was too good to keep them down at No. 2.

A couple of teams came up with big wins last week - Wisconsin and Iowa State - and moved into my Top 25. I dropped Notre Dame and Virginia from my ballot this week.

As for the Colorado Buffaloes, I've still got them in there, at No. 23. As I said last week, I don't know if they deserve a top 25 spot right now, but I do think they're a good team that belongs in the discussion. There are a lot of teams worthy of consideration, with 47 teams getting at least one vote this week, and CU is one of them.

Here is my ballot:

1. Michigan State
2. Louisville
3. Kansas
4. Arizona
5. Kentucky
6. Duke
7. Oklahoma State
8. Syracuse
9. Ohio State
10. VCU
11. Memphis
12. Connecticut
13. Wichita State
14. Michigan
15. Wisconsin
16. Florida
17. New Mexico
18. Baylor
19. Oregon
20. North Carolina
21. Iowa State
22. Marquette
23. Colorado
24. UCLA
25. Creighton